Author archive for Philip Mahin

  • Sep162022

    Broken Record

    Broken Record By Philip Mahin I know you may have heard this one before, but where are all the bullets?…

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  • Sep212021

    Size Comparisons

    Primer Substitutions By Philip Mahin This is a fun one. I just happened to glance up at my collection of…

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  • May072021

    Crimped in Primers

    Crimped in Primers By Philip Mahin A customer called the 800 room… I know, a lot of our posts start…

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  • Apr052021

    Reticle Subtension

    Reticle Subtension By Philip Mahin Hello again and thank you for checking in on our blog post. Today we will…

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  • Feb122021

    Parallax Adjustment

    Parallax Adjustment By Philip Mahin Last time we adjusted a scope for focus, this time we will adjust an objective…

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