Size Comparisons

Size Comparisons
September 21, 2021 Philip Mahin

Primer Substitutions

By Philip Mahin

This is a fun one. I just happened to glance up at my collection of inert dummy round on the shelf and marveled at the size comparison in them. I thought, just for giggles, you might want to see how they compare to each other also. I picked a few that show an obvious step in size and performance.

On the right-hand side is the 22 K-Hornet. Developed by Lysle Kilbourn in 1940, it has the potential to push a 40gr BlitzKing to 2,950fps in our load data. Next to it is the 300 Blackout using a 30cal bullet, not as fast but it provides a lot more punch from heavier bullets. Over from it is the 300 WSM, still using the same projectile diameter but providing a lot more velocity using a lot more powder. The 338 Lapua uses even more powder and a bigger diameter bullet that can still be traveling at super-sonic velocities at way-out-there distances compared to the others so far. The 50BMG on the other hand has stepped into the realm of extreme. It takes specialized reloading equipment to make ammo and a muzzle break to tame recoil from a shoulder mounted firearm. The last two in the form of live ammunition are considered unattainable for civilians. The right is the 25mm that could have been used in the M242 Bushmaster. The 30mm next to it was used from the GAU-8/A Avenger in the A-10 Thunderbolt. When you hear that Buuuuuuurrrrrrrp for the first time and see what that round is capable of, you’ll never forget it. Be safe till next time and dream big.

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  1. Donnie Martindale 2 years ago

    Question: will a Speer .311 – .312 dia. Bullet, load safely into an Argentine 7.65 Berlin rifle.

  2. DAVID LAWTON 2 years ago

    Yeah, looked here as per email from Mitchell.
    Good stuff.
    I have been reading about FLS Bushing YES is convincing. I was doing Neck Sizing and Body with REDDING.
    I am sending LAPUA cases to Forster for FLS honing . . . . . do you think AOK ?
    I used to weigh cases in groups amazing the differences, I liked PPU and SAKO as best consistent,
    Lapua do not have NATURALIS 50 grain .222 any more here in OZ claim no volume.
    I have decided to use ONLY LAPUA cases.
    Using FORSTER Bullet Seating went well in TIKKA T3 Lite .222 Remington. Just bought new TIKKA T3x Hunter in .222.
    So a bit wiser now and spent time going for FORSTER CO- AX, and some LYMAN bits this time round. Are you familiar with CHARGEMASTER powder unit ?
    Sold some bits was using REDDING BR30 powder measure and sorry now.
    Please keep up the good news . . . when I subscribe do you punch stuff like this out ?
    NSW 2541

    +61 428 210 812

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