Factory Outlet


Sierra Bullets Factory Outlet Sales

If you happen to be in our neck of the woods (Sedalia, Missouri) you can purchase available bullet seconds and our full line of accessories directly from our outlet store.

Outlet store hours:

Monday – Friday
9:30am–noon and 1pm–4:30pm CST
The outlet store is closed on all national holidays.

Call ahead to check availability at: 1-888-223-3006

Download current bullet seconds price list.

Please note: Factory Outlet inventory is constantly changing and no guarantees are made as to product availability.

Bullet seconds are sold by the pound and are limited to 100 pounds per bullet and a total of 300 pounds per day, per person. There is a limit of 25 pounds of mixed bullets per day. Bullet seconds are for private consumption and not for resale. Factory seconds may include blemished bullets and mixed bullets, so please weigh and measure each bullet prior to loading. Prices on list do not reflect Missouri sales tax. Factory seconds must be picked up in person and will not be shipped.