Why do the TGK bullets look like the TMK?

Why do the TGK bullets look like the TMK?
January 29, 2021 Mitchel Demand

Why do the TGK bullets look like the TMK?

By Mitchel Demand

Once upon a time, a large majority of the hunters in the USA bought their rifle ammo from Walmart the local sporting goods store or gun shops and dealers. Most of the rounds sold were 30-30, 308, 30-06 or the 270, with a few magnum calibers thrown in (like the 7mm mag and 300 Win). Oh how times have changed. We can still buy quality hunting ammo, but the $10.00 a box days are over.

Hunting bullets today are made duty specific and better constructed, mostly due to hunters requiring higher BC bullets that shoot accurately out to 800 yards and beyond. The modern hunting bullets resembles our match bullets now; and without a doubt, a lot of them are just as accurate.

We now make a (TMK) Tipped Match King and a (TGK) Tipped Game King that are extremely accurate and look almost identical. The TMK has a thin jacket is made to do one thing – shoot small groups at extreme ranges. It is a fire and forget bullet, and not tested for expansion or durability. The TGK however has a much thicker jacket, so the resin tip starts the expansion and the jacket peels back around the bearing surface to aide in weight retention. TGK bullets will expand properly at 1800fps and above, which makes it a potent game stopper.

There is another benefit with the TGK, that is a much higher BC. For the modern hunter that anticipates hunting game in open territory and taking shots at over 300 yards, you will be hard pressed to better the accuracy and performance of our TGK bullets.

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