6th Edition Reloading Manual Now Available!

6th Edition Reloading Manual Now Available!
October 31, 2019 Sierra Bullets

6th Edition Reloading Manual Now Available!

By Sierra Bullets

We’re excited to announce that our 6th Edition Reloading Manual is now available! We’ve been working on this project for several years and are eager to share the results with our reloaders.

This 1,368 page manual retains the popular three-ring binder format, allowing the book to lay flat on a reloading bench for easier use. The manual has information for shooters and hunters of all levels, including topics such as Reloading Equipment and Tools, the Reloading Process, Care and Cleaning of your Rifle/Handgun, and much more. We have also included a FAQ section with some of the most common (or unique) questions fielded by our Sierra Bullets Tech Team.

The manual also includes verified reloading data for over 200 rifle and pistol cartridges. See Full Listing of Cartridges here.

One of the most exciting things about this new manual is the reloading data itself. In order to provide the most accurate information possible, we expanded our ballistic testing abilities. We built a Pressure Lab to fire and test the velocity and pressure our reloading data. Sierra’s Ballistics Coordinator/Ammunition Product Manager Adam Bell says, “Sierra’s V6 loading manual represents a significant step in bring reloading into the future by completing load testing using Piezoelectric pressure testing equipment to ensure that the loads listed conform to recommended SAAMI and CIP standards.”

The 6th Edition Reloading Manual is available for purchase at your local dealer. Click HERE for more information.

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