Fall… My Favorite Time of the Year
October 25, 2018 Sierra Bullets

Fall…My Favorite Time of the Year

By Duane Siercks

The cooler days and nights, the occasional frosty morning, the warm afternoons, and then the color changes all around. This is the time to really be outside and there is so much to do.

This brings to mind the focal point of my favorite pastime, hunting. The preparation and scouting that helps us be our best at whatever type of hunting we choose. Now would be a great time to start checking over the equipment and to also get the reloading press going. Time to get the ammo loaded and/or loads worked up for that new firearm. Then to get the scope zeroed in and have time to practice. These things are often put off until the very last minute. This can quite often lead to some severe frustration when things just don’t quite work as well as we had planned. Then we don’t have time to get things fixed or a chance to work on that load to make the ol’ gun shoot like it should. Just reminding you that this still needs to be done while you have time.

This is also an excellent time to get the new hunters out to the range and let them get some experience with their firearm of choice. I remember starting my daughter out with her first attempt at shooting the deer rifle to prepare for her first hunt. We still recall the many shooting sessions and time spent together. If I had it to do again, I would have a lot more pictures of the preparations as well as the results. The best experiences seem to happen when there is no camera, unfortunately. (Remember, we like to see your pictures also.)

There are many hunting opportunities that are actually taking place now, depending on your location. Such as antelope seasons in some of the western states, black bear seasons in many places this next month as well as elk and mule deer and then of course whitetail hunting practically everywhere. With the wide array of seasons and methods, one will stay busy just trying to decide which season and method will get their attention.

We here at Sierra will be pleased to help you with any of your reloading situations or problems. We can help you with those important trajectory questions that you may have. We can also help you to know where you should sight in to get the best zero for your situation. Feel free to call us at 1-800-223-8799 or e-mail us at [email protected] with any questions you might have. We can provide you with load data and perhaps give some tips to help you with your reloading as well.

Remember to enjoy your time in the field and be safe.

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