New Bullets for 2021

New Bullets for 2021
January 15, 2021 Sierra Bullets

New Bullets for 2021

By Sierra Bullets

Happy New Year! We hope that 2021 has been off to a good start for each of you. What will this year bring? Wow, last year was a roller coaster on every hand. We start 2021 with a lot of uncertainty. In the shooting world, we have a shortage on almost all components. Primers seem to be the biggest concern for many. Powders are also in a tough supply/demand situation. There are a lot of new gun owners who find ammunition hard to find. They then become new hand-loaders with a short supply of components. Many tend to bulk buy all they can find and afford. Be wise and vigilant in your purchases though. Just because a powder is found does not mean it will work in any cartridge you would want to try and use it in. One would be well advised to research before you purchase.

New Bullets for 2021
We are offering six new bullets this year:

#4210 .257” 25 cal. 110 gr Tipped GameKing– this particular bullet comes after a couple years of numerous phone calls and e-mails requesting this offering. With a BC of .447 coupled with the Tipped GameKing design lending to flat trajectory, good expansion, and deep penetration, this will be a winning combination for all of us 25 caliber shooters.

#1785 6.5mm ,264” 105 gr BlitzKing – A BlitzKing for all the 6.5 fans. A truly varmint design with a great BC of .425. This will allow the Grendel to the mightiest 6.5 cartridges a great varmint bullet with great wind bucking ability and super-flat trajectories. A real screamer!!

#4340 6.5 mm .264” 140 gr Tipped GameKing – Another much requested bullet. The demand for a heavier 6.5mm Tipped GameKing has been answered. A true Magnum class bullet with both deep penetration and good expansion capabilities. The BC on this bullet will come in at .563 for great down range performance. Requires a Twist Rate of 1x*’ or faster.

#4475 .277” 270 cal. 175 gr Tipped GameKing – A very heavy-weight big game bullet for all 270 calibers. This opens up new territory for the .27 caliber friends. This bullet sports a BC of .560. The bullet does require a twist rate of 1X 8” or faster. A heavy 27 caliber bullet has been a frequent request. This will be a great long range bullet for medium and large game

#4540 7mm .284” 140 Tipped GameKing – BC of .545. This bullet extends the Tipped GameKing design to a lighter 7mm bullet. This makes an excellent all purpose bullet for the medium 7mm cartridges such as 7×57 and 7mm-08. The bullet is still a great choice for use in the larger 7mm cartridges as well. Flat trajectory, reliable expansion, and very deep penetration are to be expected. This offering really sheds new respect on the 7mm-08 as a very versatile cartridge that offers minimal recoil and yet great hunting performance.

#2269 .308” 30 cal. 169 gr MatchKing – A new MatchKing that will have some improved trajectory performance over the tried and true 168 MatchKing. This bullet does not replace the 168, but in some instances may provide another alternative to the mid-weight 30 caliber match bullet line. The BC comes in at .527. Basically capable of being run at the same velocities as the 168, this bullet will offer the .308 rifle shooters another 1000 yard capable bullet.

These bullets will be hitting the website, available for ordering in the near future.

Please be vigilant and safe.

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  1. Hunter kolb 3 years ago

    The old saying “speed kills” remains a mathematical fact that is hard to over come, just like gravity & wind drift. The one thing that remains a fact is that the less time a bullet spends in the air , the less time Mother Nature has to play her games on it! Im not sure in the shooting world of today’s magazines & periodicals. Speed is reduced to something archaic & is a myth that has ben busted with these so called heavy for caliber bullets. Many hunters have been dismayed because their elk or deer was lost & wounded because they drank the cool-aid of the 6.5 Creedmoor craze! Turns out that bullet didn’t hardly change its shape when it poked a smooth hole through the animal with its VLD design & moving at a whopping 1800 fps considering it only started out at 2600 fps at the muzzle. But the article said, I know I know, it didn’t mention anything about what that bullet does internally. A bullet just like an arrow has to create a wound channel. That’s we don’t shoot animals with practice tips! So if your shooting an animal with these heavy for caliber bullets they need to be designed to come apart & create a wound channel at minimum velocity. I recently seen an article comparing all the new prc’s & 6.8 westerner with massive amounts of ft lb data vs wind drift with high BC’s & there literally wasn’t enough different to tell em apart. However I know the new generation always wants to do it differently than ol dad did! Something had to be wrong with ol dinosaur way of getting things done. However when u compared the 270 wsm with a 150 gr , the numbers was a in its favor! WHAT! What did it have that the others didn’t, SPEED!! So are u saying there is no replacement for displacement, NHRA cars are NOT running small block chevys!!!
    So then if u compare the antique 270 wby to the 6.8 western, LOL. Yay! Speed kills, speed prevents wind drift, speed gets you there with less time for gravity to pull down on your bullet & then it smashes that bullet into small little fragments that creates a wound channel like a grenade that kills! It’s also true at benchrest shoots, them 6mm Ppc are humping all they can to get to that paper before ol Mother Nature can !! Maybe ol Roy weatherby & all them wild cat cartridge designers of the 60’s left the ol Creedmoor designs in their rear view mirror because they already had it figured out! Speed kills!!

  2. Doug rohrer 3 years ago

    When will 22cal 69gr blizking be on the market?

  3. Glenda mcmullen 2 years ago

    Why can’t you buy bullets don’t you make them any more

  4. Bobcat 11 months ago

    Any plans to offer a 308 150g TGK?

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