GameChanger Hunting Bullets

GameChanger Hunting Bullets
November 15, 2019 Sierra Bullets

GameChanger Hunting Bullets

By Sierra Tech Team

The 2019 hunting seasons are in full swing, making them the first full seasons for the latest additions to the Sierra Bullets hunting lineup. In the fall of 2018, we introduced our new GameChanger bullets. These are also seen mentioned as Tipped GameKing (TGK), but are not just a re-do of the GameKing bullets that we have used very successfully for many years.

The GameChanger bullets are actually a new design that incorporates features from other types that Sierra make, resulting in a unique and enhanced bullet style. They do feature a synthetic tip, which serves to maximize the ballistic coefficient (high BC), allowing for greater downrange trajectory and energy performance. The tip also allows us to achieve a very positive expansion over a wide range of velocities and types of game animals. The increase in jacket wall thickness ensures very deep penetration with each shot. This special bullet style gives us a true all-purpose bullet design. Our initial offerings included:

GameChanger Bullet Chart

We have had multitudes of favorable reports for both accuracy and game performance. Watch the videos below to see the bullets in action.

We have received many requests for other caliber and bullet weights, and rest assured that we will continue to add to this line. Stay tuned for further Product Announcements!

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