GameChanger Ammunition Accuracy Test

GameChanger Ammunition Accuracy Test
December 10, 2019 Sierra Bullets

GameChanger Ammo Accuracy Test

By Gary Prisendorf

In 2018, Sierra Bullets introduced their Tipped GameKing (aka GameChangers). They were an immediate success due to their match grade accuracy combined with lethal terminal performance on game.

The GameChanger bullets are essentially a GameKing with a beefed up thicker jacket, a hardened core and crowned with a synthetic tip. They have proven to be extremely accurate and devastating on game.

A large percentage of hunters don’t handload their own ammunition. In an attempt to get these awesome new projectiles in the hands of hunters, Sierra decided to dive into the sea of factory loaded ammunition by releasing GameChanger factory ammunition earlier this year.

With Missouri whitetail season fast approaching, I wanted to give the GameChanger ammo a try.

Sierra currently provides hunters with eight different cartridges to choose from. The current offerings range from 243 Winchester to the 300 Winchester Magnum, for use on a wide variety of game.

I picked the venerable ole 30-06 as my cartridge of choice this year and headed to the range with my bone stock Remington ADL, which wears a budget friendly 3×10 power Bushnell on top.

After a couple of sight in shots, I was ready to see how the ammunition would perform.

My first four shot group delivered a group measuring .746″. The second group came in a little better, clustering in a group that measured .607″.

For a so-so marksman, using a factory rifle with a budget scope and factory loaded ammunition, I was pleased to observe the ammunition will easily shoot under 3/4″ at 100 yards. On a good day, I’m certain this same set up can produce groups closer to 1/2″ at the same distance.

In my opinion, Sierra has hit one out of the park with their fine new line of ammunition. It appears they have delivered ammunition that is exactly as advertised. A real GameChanger.

Comments (2)

  1. Bill Swantner 3 years ago

    I suggest that you consider changing the “3×10” designation of the Bushnell to whatever the industry standard designation truly was, for example “3-10×40”.

  2. ~w 3 years ago

    Maybe you measure group different than I (and the folks I shoot with) do but wouldn’t your .746 group size actually be .438?
    We’ve always measured group by measuring outside to outside of the furthest two impact points then subtracting one bullet diameter – .746 – .308 = .438.
    I’ll be interested if you or anyone clarifies this.

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