Winter Camp 2019

Winter Camp 2019
March 10, 2020 Sierra Bullets

Winter Camp 2019

By Duane Siercks

December 6th and 7th, 2019 were the dates for the Annual Father/Son Winter Camp held by Mt. Springs Christian Youth Camp in Grannis, Ar. This event showcases many different people from all types of different skills and professions who come to share and be a positive influence in the future of our youth. We had “Uncle” Al Lawrence and crew exhibiting the art of custom knife making. There was also “Hatchet Man” Duane Heidelberg who does very interesting carving with a hatchet. We also had a gentleman making flowers out of wooden sticks.

I was able to attend this year again and was able to share in a Reloading Introduction time with the junior attendees as well as their parents. Many were very interested and expressed interest in getting started at reloading or advancing themselves further. There were many great cooks who provided all attendees a wonderful selection of foods throughout the event. Mr. Rodger Robbins, Camp Director always fixes the finest biscuits and gravy to those who can “roll out” and get to breakfast early. Smoked brisket and jambalaya cooked in a huge cast iron pot, (I’ll get it next year, Rodger.) along with lots of other dishes and desserts.

This event is a highlight to most everyone who attends. Many have come to support and help for a long number of years. We have seen professional race drivers, singers, tournament fishermen and women, cowboys, and much more come to share and add to the wilderness experience.

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