.45 Cal 230 Gr. JHP Sports Master

.45 Cal 230 Gr. JHP Sports Master


The 230 grain #8805 Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) SportsMaster bullets have been designed primarily for the 45 Caliber Automatic Colt Pistol (45 ACP) cartridge. This bullets has the Sierra’s Power Jacket and the same hollow point design as Sierra’s 9mm and 10mm JHP SportsMaster bullets. They are suitable also for the 45 Auto Rim and the 45 Colt cartridges. The 45 Colt may require special attention when sizing cases during reloading due to a slight difference in bullet diameters. Some early 45 Colt revolvers were made for bullets of .454 inch diameter. When loaded to maximum velocities, this bullet is excellent for hunting up to large-size varmints and it is a very effective self-defense round. This bullet is an outstanding choice for all around use in the 45 ACP.

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Additional information

Diameter (inches)


Weight (grains)

230 Gr.

Sectional Density


Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges

.145 @ 1300 fps and above .169 between 900 and 1299 fps .141 @ 900 fps and below

Box Count

100 Bullets


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