.50 Cal 400 Gr. JSP Sports Master

.50 Cal 400 Gr. JSP Sports Master


Our 400gr JSP #5400 has a cannelure placement ideally suited for use from a 500 Smith & Wesson cartridge. It has a tough lead core made with a heavy antimony and a thick jacket designed for deep penetration on the largest of animals. Large game like moose or brown bear won’t be any issue for this bullet, but it may be too tough to give a reliable expansion quality through smaller animals. Revolvers have been the primary firearm to load this bullet into but it is equally at home in rifles chambered in this and other cartridges also. The meplat is wide enough to work well from a lever action using a tubular magazine, and because of the higher muzzle velocity, it will give a better expansion quality also. On that subject, it is literally a half inch hole even with no expansion and will take game animals with authority.

This bullet was introduced in 2004.

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Additional information

Weight 2.94 lbs
Diameter (inches)


Weight (grains)

400 Gr.

Sectional Density


Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges

.185 @ 1600 fps and above .198 between 1600 and 1450 fps .212 between 1450 and 1280 fps .227 between 1280 and 1150 fps .234 @ 1150 fps and above

Box Count

50 Bullets