.458 Cal 400 Gr. HP/FN Pro-Hunter

.458 Cal 400 Gr. HP/FN Pro-Hunter


Sierra has offered a new bullet weight for the time proven 45/70 Government. We developed this bullet to provide a heavier projectile for even larger heavier game with a cartridge that has lived out such a colorful history from blackpowder to the latest powder developments, the 45/70 Gov’t has not only survived, but excelled. We are proud to offer a much desired bullet weight to help enhance penetration and expansion on medium and larger game animals. This offering produces a B.C. of .152 (G1) and sports a sectional density of .272 for deep penetration results.

It may be used in rifles or handguns with a .458 inch bore, but it must not be used in handguns with .451 or .454 inch bore size.

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Additional information

Weight 2.94 lbs
Diameter (inches)


Weight (grains)

400 Gr.

Sectional Density


Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges

.152 @ 2375 fps and above .171 between 1825 and 2375 fps .220 between 1530 and 1825 fps .232 between 1150 and 1530 fps .260 @ 1150 fps and below

Box Count

50 Bullets