.22 Cal 45 Gr. SPT Varminter

.22 Cal 45 Gr. SPT Varminter


In rifles, this bullet is fully capable of producing 1/4 minute of angle accuracy at velocities that would destroy most other bullets. The bullet has the Spitzer point shape and a flat base. This bullet style is the choice of many accomplished varmint hunters. It features precisely drawn jackets to assure pinpoint accuracy and reliable expansion, even at maximum ranges. This bullet is slightly “hard” at 222 or 223 Remington velocities, but are especially well suited for velocities from 22-250 and 220 Swift cartridges.

For handguns, while capable of producing traditional Sierra accuracy, this bullet must be considered too “hard” at handgun velocities for anything other than target applications. If your handgun will produce velocities greater than 3000 fps at the muzzle, the 45 grain and 50 grain bullets could be used for hunting varmints out to moderate ranges, but will not have explosive expansion.

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Additional information

Weight 0.668 lbs
Diameter (inches)


Weight (grains)

45 Gr.

Sectional Density


Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges

.210 @ 3000 fps and above .196 between 3000 and 1800 fps .181 @ 1800 fps and below

Box Count

100 Bullets