6.5mm Creedmoor ~ 140 Grain ~ MatchKing

6.5mm Creedmoor ~ 140 Grain ~ MatchKing


Sierra® has combined the time-tested, legendary accuracy of their MatchKing® bullet with superior brass, primer and powder to create match-winning ammunition — right out of the box. With unparalleled precision and consistent performance in all firearm platforms, MatchKing® Competition Ammunition is already leading matches — but that’s what you’d expect from Sierra®, who’s been winning for nearly 75 years. Gold-standard quality, extremely tight tolerances and consistent accuracy and performance are the hallmarks for success, and this ammunition delivers on all counts. And, MatchKing Ammunition uses the highest quality components so you can reload it with your favorite MatchKing® bullets to keep on winning, too.

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Weight (grains)

140 Gr.

Box Count

20 Rounds Ammunition


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