6.6.1 References

6.6.1 References

 The following references are listed for those who have an interest in pursuing the subject of ballistics further.

1.  Hatcher’s Notebook by Maj. Gen. Julian S. Hatcher, U.S.A., Retired, The stackpole Company, 1966.
 This book contains the Ingalls Tables and a description of how to use them. It is a popular reference on many shooting subjects.

2.  External Ballistics of Small Arms Projectiles by E.D. Lowry, Winchester-Western Div., Olin-Matheson Chemical Co., 1965.
 This book contains drag function data utilized in this manual. It does not seem to be available in general print.

3.  Exterior Ballistics by E.J. McShane, J.L. Kelley, and F.V. Reno, University of Denver Press, 1953.
 This is the classical book in the field, but is highly mathematical in content and very general in treatment.

4.  Mathematics for Exterior Ballistics by G.A. Bliss, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., second printing, 1953.
 This book describes the basic problems of ballistics with great clarity from a mathematical point of view. It gives a particularly good description of the Siacci method.

5.  CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics , 64th Edition, 1984, CRC Press, Inc.
 This book is a basic reference for atmospheric conditions and transformation laws.

6.  Ingalls’ Ballistic Tables, Artillery Circular M by Col. James M. Ingalls, 1893 (revised 1917), U.S. Government Printing Office, 1918.
 This document is now out of print. It is a very important historical reference. The author’s copy was kindly supplied by Homer W. Powley.

7.  Handbook of Problems in Exterior Ballistics, Artillery Circular N by Lt. Col. James M. Ingalls, Third Edition, 1900, U.S. Government Printing Office.
 This document is also out of print. It is another very important historical reference, containing a mathematical explanation of Siacci’s method and derivation of the closed form solutions to the equations of motion of bullet flight. A copy was loaned to the author by Mr. John Villarreal of Broken Arrow, OK