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    9mm 124 Gr. JHP Sports Master

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    Sierra brings to you another 9mm bullet designed specifically with the 9mm Luger cartridge in mind. This provides a great bullet weight for target and personal protection. This bullet should also be very accurate for use in competitive shooting. As a hunting bullet for small to medium varmints, the 124 SportsMaster will be a great performer. Very reliable for feed and function in most firearms including the PC carbines that are very popular at this time.
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    9mm 147 Gr. JHP V-Crown

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    Sierra Bullets has partnered with Sig Sauer to bring you the ultimate defense bullet line, delivering optimal weight retention and expansion at all effective distances, combined with Sierra’s world-renowned accuracy. The line features a stacked hollow point bullet design with an additional hollow point cavity. The locking groove was added to provide a controlled expansion quality while keeping the weight retention at an ideally high level. The new #9947 147gr JHP is heavy weight used to provide sub-sonic velocities from cartridges like the 9x19 (9mm Luger) and can be an ideal combination from an SBR style firearm.
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    350 Cal 155 Gr. FN Pro-Hunter

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    This .355” diameter rifle bullet was designed specifically for the interesting .350 Legend cartridge. Designed to produce reliable feeding in AR firearms chambered in the Legend cartridge and providing optimum penetration and expansion at the 350 Legend velocities. The 155 grain Legend bullet entertains a B.C. value of .182 (G1). This offering will be available in 100 Ct (#2755) and 500 count (#2755C) quantities. Feed your 350 the 155 grain Legend bullets. The results are sure to be LEGENDARY!