7mm Remington Magnum ~ 150 Grain ~ TGK ~ B.C. .545
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7mm Remington Magnum ~ 150 Grain ~ TGK ~ B.C. .545


Our GameChanger ammunition is the result of more than 70 years of designing world-class bullets. Each GameChanger round utilizes a Sierra Tipped GameKing bullet with an extremely accurate boat tail profile and a polymer tip seated in a hollow point design for fast expansion upon impact. A lead core encased in a thick, tough copper jacket delivers outstanding penetration and controlled expansion at any range.

3000 FPS with a 150 grain Tipped Gameking that has a G1 BC of .545.
Sierra’s 7MM Remington Magnum Gamechanger ammunition will allow you to stretch your range out a little further and hit a little harder than what you are use to. The perfect choice for multi-purpose ammunition, you can feel confident on Whitetail to Bull Elk. Superior accuracy combined with devastating stopping power, this one does it all. What else can you ask from your ammunition?

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Box Count

20 Ammunition Bullets

Weight (grains)

150 Gr.


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