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Miscarriage spells

The top guy in his field, spellcaster Maxim SPELLSHELP.Сom has told us that miscarriage spells, despite their awful reputation, can be safe. According to Maxim, miscarriage spells are considered dangerous because of causal magic users and irresponsible enchanters who take on such complex projects without having sufficient experience.

Miscarriage spellsThese people, who have neither knowledge of nor talent for magic, are unaware that safe abortion spells can be cast only through chakras. The human body is like a receiver. You can change its physical state by changing the settings. As a result, a healthy young woman suddenly gets sick and loses her baby. If the spell is cast by a trained magic expert, she’ll get over it soon. She’ll return to her usual state shortly, get pregnant again, carry the pregnancy to term, and give birth to a healthy baby.

If you’re pregnant and want to use one of the spells for miscarriage, hire a trained professional, such as spellcaster Maxim. Maxim will help you terminate your pregnancy, minimizing health risk and potential health complications.

Below are people encouraged to contact spellcaster Maxim:

- Women who don’t want to have an in-clinic abortion;

- Women who want their miscarriage to look like an accident;

- Women who want their miscarriage to look like the result of a series of unfortunate events;

- Women in late pregnancy (who want to end their pregnancy in a safe manner);

- Women who want to end the pregnancy of another woman (such as, for example, the husband’s pregnant mistress);

- Men who tried to talk their women out of keeping the baby but failed;

- Parents who believe their daughter is pregnant with the baby of a man who doesn’t deserve their daughter;

- People who want to use a miscarriage spell for revenge;

- Pregnant women who were abandoned by the baby’s father;

- People who currently prioritize their career;

- People who think they’re not ready to become a parent yet.

Spellcaster Maxim will help everyone. You can trust him and his expertise. Maxim’s spells are reasonably priced and are affordable to most people. He works remotely, which is important too, because it means you can hire him and order his spells, including magic spells to cause miscarriage, regardless of your current physical location.

Spells to induce miscarriage

There are two ways to cast spells to induce miscarriage: curse the pregnant woman or reset her chakras. A curse is a program with long-term effects. It’s quite dangerous because it can’t be removed by less experienced enchanters. So if you end your own pregnancy with an abortion spell, you may end up being unable to have children ever again.

Spellcaster Maxim casts miscarriage spells through the target’s chakras. That’s how he avoids curses and prevents negative effects on the future of his clients. Yes, you’ll lose your baby. But when you restore your energy levels, you’ll be able to get pregnant again and have a healthy and risk-free pregnancy.

This approach is perfect for people ordering miscarriage spells for another person. If you do it through a curse, the curse will eventually come back to you. If you’re female, it’ll make you infertile. If you’re male, it’ll make all the women you’re with infertile. Spellcaster Maxim can help you avoid this risk, because he causes miscarriages through the chakras, so there are no curses involved and there is nothing that can come and hit you back.

Abortion curse

If you’re pregnant, you should know how to protect yourself against abortion curse. First and foremost, don’t tell anyone that you’re pregnant, especially during the first trimester when the fetus is the most vulnerable and can be lost even from a basic spell. When your belly starts to show, wear lose shirts to hide it. The longer you can hide your pregnancy, the better.

Don’t let strangers or people who might wish ill on you into your house. Check your house (including the garage, the basement and the attic) for odd objects which could have been planted there by an ill-wisher in order to put a curse on you. These include human hair, threads, animal hair, broken needles, open English pins, broken glass, teeth, bones, ashes and coal, rotting meat, notes, etc.

If you find anything that you believe might have been planted by another person, get rid of it immediately. Don’t do it yourself though. Ask a family member who you think is the strongest and has the most courage. He or she should put on rubber gloves before they do it. Here’s how it’s done: swipe the object(s) on a sheet of paper, fold it, and toss it into an outdoor trash container. Toss the gloves and the broom too. Then take a shower.

Abortion curseIf you find any suspicious objects but the family member who can help you with it isn’t going to come for a few hours, which means the object will stay a few more hours in your house, then put a candle next to it and light it. It will keep the curse from spreading throughout your place.

Never brag about your pregnancy, especially in front of your friends who can be jealous, are currently unhappy, or may dislike you for some reason. It’s highly likely that one of them will order a miscarriage spell in order to put you down. When you see these people, don’t say anything. Don’t bring up your pregnancy. Don’t encourage them to use spells for miscarriage against you. If possible, avoid these people completely at least until your baby turns one or two years old.

If you think someone is wishing ill on you, it’s easy to find out who it is. Light three candles and put them on the table. Put photographs of the suspects in a semicircle on the table too. Put a gold ring on a long thread and bring your hand over the photos so the ring is exactly in the middle of your semicircle. Don’t move your hand. At some point the ring will start swinging. If one of the suspects is an ill-wisher, the ring will be drawn to his or her photo like to a magnet. I, spellcaster Maxim, can assure you that this will happen if one of your friends is going to use or has already used one of the miscarriage spells against you.

If this happens, what do you do? Contact an experienced wizard. A trained enchanter will protect you. It’s quite difficult to remove such spells, however with the right magic expert on your side and Higher Powers’ blessing everything will be fine.

Be careful with what you receive as presents and with the presents you give to your loved ones, as these can be used in order to curse you. If any gift you received makes you anxious for some reason, put it away or better throw it out. If you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the person who gives you a gift, accept the gift with gratitude and, as soon as this person leaves, dispose of it.

Don’t accept toys or personal things that belonged to chronically unhappy people. Sometimes women who lost their baby or had their baby pass away shortly after birth, give away things they bought for the baby while they were pregnant. They don’t realize what a horrible thing they do. When they give away a dead child’s toys, clothes and furniture, they give away their abortion curse too. If you accept even a baby bottle warmer or a pack of diapers from a woman who has recently lost a baby, your chances of experiencing a similar tragedy will skyrocket.

Such objects must be destroyed. There is no need to start a ritual fire though. However, the least you can do is to invite a professional sorcerer to make sure that whatever you have is not threating your baby and not radiating negative energy. To neutralize negative energy, cut or break the object into pieces, put it in a bag, and throw it out. The key is to make sure no one else will ever use it.

How to order spells for miscarriage

Feel free to order miscarriage spells from spellcaster Maxim any time. You can order a spell for yourself or ask Maxim to put it on someone else. Go to his website and contact him directly. Describe your problem and place an order. Spellcaster Maxim works remotely and has the power to influence people from anywhere. His spells are stronger than any protective amulets and rituals. So pay spellcaster Maxim for his energy and time and expect the job to be done in a timely and safe manner and with amazing results.


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