.338 Caliber (.338) 215 gr. SBT

These bullets have been designed for the 338 Winchester Magnum cartridge. Controlled, but reliable expansion and deep penetration are assured by a heavy double-tapered jacket and hard core. The Sierra Spitzer Boat Tail shape assures a flat trajectory, minimum wind sensitivity and precise accuracy at long range for both bullets. The 215 grain #2610 has been designed as a higher-velocity, lighter bullet for the 338 Winchester Magnum, although it is considered light for the 340 Weatherby Magnum. This bullet is suitable for medium through elk-sized game. The #2610 bullet will reliably withstand 338 Winchester Magnum velocities. Shooters using the 338-06 or similar cartridge must keep loads with the 215 grain #2610 bullet near maximum velocity levels for reliable expansion. Hunting rifles have shown extraordinary accuracy with this bullet in spite of the robust recoil of maximum loads.

Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.338 215 .269 .485 @ 2000 fps and above
.473 between 2000 and 1600 fps
.460 @ 1600 fps and below

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50 bullets
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Ron A of Munising, Michigan December 20, 2017
Used on my 2017 Newfoundland moose. 125 yards and a clean shoot thru. Moose went twenty yards and piled up.Best accuracy I have found with bullets in this weight range.
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Juerg B of Zurich, Switzerland January 26, 2017
I use this bullet in a Sauer 202 Rifle 8.5x63 (similar to the .338-06 Ackley) with great success on wild boar. Only one shot kills. Best bullet for boars!
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Chuck B of Cowen, West Virginia October 13, 2016
I am using this bullet in a 338 FEDERAL with excellent results. I chose a upper range H4895 powder charge, reformed Norma 308 brass, CCI primers. This bullet leaves the barrel of my Savage Hog Hunter at 2516fps and gives me MOA accuracy out to 300yds nearly every time. But then again I am shooting the BEST BULLETS MONEY CAN BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On game performance will come in a couple weeks with a trip south for pigs in GA and SC.
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Rick S of Linneus, Missouri April 8, 2015
My new 338-'06 Ackley was shooting mediocre groups and then I tested the Sierra 215's with IMR 4064. Instant sub MOA and they dispatch Whitetails like a huge sledge hammer. From 90 to 273 yards they have all been one shot boom splat with a 3 inch exit wounds and near zero meat loss. I love this bullet and you will too!
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Malcolm H of Boxford, Massachusetts December 22, 2014
Fantastic groups from my SAKO TRG-42 in .338 Lapua. sub MOA from 100 - 600yds. Love the bullet "but" Almost impossible to find in MA, NH, ME, CT.
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Mark B of Washington County, New York July 14, 2014
This bullet makes the 338 win mag fun to shoot. In my 338 Win Mag Model 70 they are sub moa at 200 yards. In my 338-06, built on a Mark X Mauser they have been making clover leafs during load development. Using a mid range load in the 338WM I have harvested several deer without destroying as much meat as a 300 WM with a 165 or a 30-06 with a 150. The deer may actually take a few steps and then fall over, where the 300WM with a 165 GK takes them off their feet. If you like venison, the 338 215 works great. I bought the Model 70 for less than the stock and bedding job cost the previous owner. He could not get it to group with expensive bullets that gun writers brag about. After a bunch of sweets solvent, hoppes and JB I got the copper out and the old Model 70 is a hammer. This is the third used rifle I have bought because it would not shoot the bullet of the week to the previous owners expectations, all 3 work great with Sierra Bullets!
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Kenneth C W of Drummond Island, Michigan September 3, 2013
Have been using this bullet in my .338 Federal. Like most cartridges based on the .308 case, this one is very accurate and the 5 or 6 deer I've killed with the cartridge have dropped like they were hit by lightning. ( Well, maybe one or two ran a short distance) I'm sorry Sieraa is out of these because deer season is just ahead and without a supply of these bullets to go with my ReadyToLoad brass I will have to plan on using another rifle. Bummer.
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Dan P of Buffalo, Wyoming August 16, 2013
I'm sold on Sierra Game kings for my .340 WBY. I've taken several elk using 215 grain game kings and the penetration and weight retention are excellent. This was best exemplified when I shot an atypical through the large leg bone just below the front shoulder. The Game King shattered that bone passing through the ribs, lung, heart, stopping just outside the far side of the rib cage.
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