.338 Caliber (.338) 250 gr. SBT

These bullets have been designed for the 338 Winchester Magnum cartridge. This 250 grain #2600 bullet also is ideal for the 340 Weatherby Magnum. Controlled, but reliable expansion and deep penetration are assured by an extra heavy double-tapered jacket in the 250 grain #2600 bullet, and hard core. The Sierra Spitzer Boat Tail shape assures a flat trajectory, minimum wind sensitivity and precise accuracy at long range for both bullets. Hunting rifles have shown extraordinary accuracy with this bullet in spite of the robust recoil of maximum loads. The 250 grain #2600 bullet has proven to be one of the finest 338 caliber hunting bullets in the world for heavy game. Whether the game is western elk or mule deer, Alaskan moose or bears, or African plains game, there simply is no better bullet for a magnum rifle in 338 caliber.

Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.338 250 .313 .565 @ 2500 fps and above
.563 between 2500 and 2000 fps
.550 between 2000 and 1600 fps
.537 @ 1600 fps and below

Price: $30.67
Stock Code: 2600
50 bullets
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DJ R of Emmett, Idaho April 7, 2017
I've taken numerous elk with this bullet through the years. All have been taken at under 300-350 yards, most within 200. I have never recovered one of the bullets, nor have I ever had to track any of the elk shot with them. My old Ruger 77 chambered in .338 Win loves this bullet.
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Alan H of Soldotna, Alaska December 6, 2016
I've killed several moose with my 340 wby using this bullet. It is exceptionally accurate. I can consistently shoot 3 shot clover leafs @ 100 yard's. On one moose I hit heavy shoulder bone, it absolutely pulverized both shoulders and I retrieved the bullet under the hide. The bullet had lost significant mass but like I said, it did massive bone damage. I would really like it if Sierra made this bullet with a protected tip like the .308 165 GK HPBT, as heavy recoil rifles like the 340 and 375's flatten the tip. Surprisingly they still shoot a clover leaf @ 100yrds with a flatten tip, just ugly and it has to change the BC. Hands down would get 5 stars if tip was protected.
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Dave C of Eastport, New York March 15, 2016
I loaded this bullet in a .338-06 Weatherby Mark V Lightweight at 2650 fps and used it on plains game of all sizes in Africa - eland to wild dogs. Very accurate bullet, and an excellent penetrator - went through both shoulder of an eland at 170 yards. At this velocity expansion and shocking power was not dramatic, so animals hit sometimes went 30-50 yards before piling up. Better for stiff game.
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Donald C of Evans City , Pennsylvania February 27, 2016
This bullet is the most accurate .338 bullet I ever used and I have used them for 30 years. This bullet will shoot bulls-eyes as long as any shooter can endure the recoil that comes with sending them out the barrel. Pass thru wounds on Moose (1) and (2) Bear is its normal results. I also collected four deer using this bullet with little loss of meat. My 338 Winchester Magnum pushes them out the barrel at 2,750 feet per-second with 13 feet per-second average variation. They produce excellent target accuracy at 300-yards and wind has little effect on the impact point. The 375-bore version produces more recoil and makes them much less fun to shoot. However, they are the most accurate bullets I ever found for the 375 Holland & Holland cartridge.
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M T of Saint Michael, Alaska February 23, 2015
I've killed a couple of moose with this bullet. It's quite an effective bullet with the harder alloy core it has. The core alloy together with a tough jacket make the bullet effective in the softer tissues of even big animals like 1000 pound moose. My only concern, perhaps, would be hitting one of the big bones. But placed well, these bullets work well and don't cause a lot of meat loss.
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