7 mm/.284 Caliber (.284) 140 gr. SPT

The 140 grain #1910 Spitzer bullet has a heavy, double-tapered Sierra hunting jacket. It is superbly accurate, has excellent penetration and expansion on medium game, and is recommended for all 7mm cartridges. It is suggested for ranges out to 450 yards and is an excellent all-around hunting bullet.

In handguns, the 140 grain #1910 bullet is generally considered too "hard" for TCU size cartridges, but this bullet could be a good choice for large game, such as elk, when used in a Remington XP-100 handgun in 7mm-08 Remington or a similar handgun and cartridge at short ranges.  Good ballistic shape and traditional Sierra accuracy make this bullet an excellent choice for all target work.  The pinpoint accuracy of this bullet makes it a good choice for both varmints and target competition.

Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.284 140 .248 .377 @ 2400 fps and above
.386 between 2400 and 1800 fps
.400 @ 1800 fps and below

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100 bullets
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Clinton D of Blanco, Texas November 8, 2015
Very accurate in my 7mm08. Terminal performance with great penetration.
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Scott D of Birch Tree, Missouri August 10, 2015
You can pay more but you can't buy a better bullet for game than a Pro Hunter. I load these to just above 2800 fps in four family owned 7mm-08 rifles. All around great performance on game.
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Joel B of Shickshinny, Pennsylvania February 28, 2014
At the range, these shoot much better then even the Ballistic Tip (from them other guys). In my 708, out of a clean barrel they shoot 5 shot 1/2" @ 100 yards (18.5" barrel at 2725 at the muzzle). Deer, they exit every time. Exits are dime to nickel size--perfect.
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Richard B of Holt, Missouri December 6, 2013
I've been using these since the mid 80's. First in a 7mm08 for the first three animals on the High Power Silhouette range, then hunting deer and antelope. If your gun won't shoot these well, it probably won't shoot anything else well either. I now use the 140 Pro Hunter in a 7mm08 and a 7x57 for deer. Bullets have always exited with lung shots and animals don't go far after the hit.
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