7 mm/.284 Caliber (.284) 120 gr. SPT

For rifles in 7mm caliber, the 120 grain #1900 Spitzer bullet offers exceptional accuracy at high velocities for hunting large varmints, small game and medium game. When used at 7mm-08 or 7x57mm velocities, it is an exceptional performer on deer or antelope. When used in magnum cases with heavy loads, this superbly accurate bullet becomes an extremely effective long-range varmint bullet.

In handguns, the 120 grain #1900 bullet would be a good choice for medium game in cartridges of this size. Good ballistic shape and traditional Sierra accuracy make these bullets excellent choices for all target work.  The pinpoint accuracy of this bullet makes it a good choice for both varmints and target competition.

Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.284 120 .213 .328 @ 2800 fps and above
.326 between 2800 and 2200 fps
.333 @ 2200 fps and below

Price: $32.57
Stock Code: 1900
100 bullets
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Phillip W of Austin, Arkansas February 21, 2018
I have been reloading this bullet for over 35 years for my Remington 7mm Mag. I have never has to shoot a deer more than once. This should tell you how effective the bullet is.
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Roman K of Rochester, New York March 16, 2017
I have been using this bullet for 10 years now on whitetails in my 7-30 Waters Contender. It has never failed to quickly drop any deer, from smaller does up to monster bucks, that I have taken. Through both the rifle and the pistol barrels, it is very accurate, and terminal ballistics are devastating. Fantastic bullet for medium case capacity hunting rounds. It's all you need !
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Don H of Gulfport, Mississippi February 2, 2017
My new 7mm08 would not shoot 140 grain factory loads well, from any manufacturer. Handloaded these with hopes of better accuracy and whitetail hunting in mind. Accuracy problem solved! Load data suggests muzzle velocity approx 2950fps. Took a whitetail buck today at approx 200 yards, heart/lung/shoulder shot. Complete pass through with massive trauma. Very effective.
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Jason C of Clinton, Tennessee June 20, 2016
Have been shooting this bullets for several years very accurate in my 7-08.My son shot his first deer with it. Very effective!
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T S of Cuba, NY, New York November 30, 2014
7mm-08 around 2900 fps. I shot two deer with this bullet both deer dropped on the spot. The wound channels were massive.
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Alan M of Southaven, Mississippi December 27, 2013
This bullet will hold up to 7mm rem mag speed. Shot a 9 point 200 pound buck quartering towards me between the shoulders. Blew up the heart and lungs. No exit but the deer took all the energy in the vitals and that's how I like my bullet to perform. Had a awesome wound channel and the buck didn't take a step. I load these to 3300 fps and get .25 inch groups out of my tikka t3. Great built bullet! They defiantly passed the penetration test. Thank you Sierra for a great product! Can't wait to shoot one broadside to see the results.
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Richard B of Holt, Missouri December 6, 2013
Shot the smallest 3 shot group ever (1/4") with this 120 and Varget powder out of my Rem 700 7mm08 at a MV of 2800. Shot a large 11 pt. buck in November at 150 yards. Deer went about 40 yards. Bullet entered tight behind right leg, between ribs, exited same distance behind left leg, breaking a rib. Lungs were destroyed, quite a bit of blood gelling under the shoulders but very little meat loss. I've also used the 140 Pro Hunter with excellent results. I tried the 120 hoping for quicker expansion and maybe less running but with lung shots, that is the norm it seems. If I needed to shoot through the shoulder, I'd prefer the 140.
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