.270 Caliber (.277) 140 gr. SBT

This spitzer boat tail bullet is a heavier bullet that is well suited to long-range shooting where its high ballistic coefficient, flat trajectory, and excellent energy retention complement its inherent accuracy. It also is well suited for medium game at longer ranges, and it exhibits exceptional accuracy.

Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.277 140 .261 .457 @ 2800 fps and above
.450 between 2800 and 2200 fps
.437 between 2200 and 1800 fps
.412 @ 1800 fps and below

Price: $37.49
Stock Code: 1845
100 bullets
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Eddie E of Glade valley, North Carolina July 28, 2016
Best bullet ever made for the 270win.I love it I take deer every year with it one shot one kill can't get any better than that
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goran j of Melbourne , Australia December 4, 2015
hunting Samba deer at most they make couple of steps excellent performance
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Darrell S of Long Beach, Mississippi November 27, 2014
Took a 560 lb. Red Stag with this bullet. it was a 1/4 way shot at 233 yards. This stag took two steps and fell. Loaded bullet to 2900 fps. rifle was a Remington 700 CDL with a 24" barrel. Excellent bullet.
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Chris D of Winnsboro, Texas November 4, 2013
Outstanding deer bullet. With a bc of .457, this is an accurate bullet that really does the job on medium sized game. I loaded this over 53.8 grains of Ramshot Hunter, producing 1.5" groups at 150 yards in the good old .270 Winchester. My chronograph average with this load was 3027 FPS. Took a 220 lb whitetail buck with an angling-toward shot at 60 yards. Took the inside half of his left shoulder, breaking the scapula and pretty much obliterating the left lung. Textbook performance.
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Darren M of Watkinsville, Georgia October 24, 2013
Tested and loaded out of my Remington .270 with federal brass & primers, 49 grs of accurate 4350 at near max OAL getting groups of 1/2/ less at 100 yds. excellent bullet. And getting ready to work up some 150 gr loads after deer season is over.
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Ken B of Bessemer City, North Carolina October 8, 2013
This bullet cuts one-hole 5 shot groups at 100 yards from my Ruger Mod. 77 in .270 Win. I am pushing the bullet to about 2900 FPS with Reloader 19 ( slightly under max. load). Super accuracy, and a real deer killer.
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