6mm .243 Caliber (.243) 90 gr. FMJBT

For rifles, this 90 grain #1535 bullet was designed as a medium-velocity bullet to preserve valuable fur pelts. It has a heavy jacket that does not deform at medium velocities in varmints or small game, causing minimal damage to valuable furs. It can be used in the 6mm Remington and 243 Winchester. It may be used in magnum cartridges, like the 240 Weatherby Magnum, but it should be loaded to about 2700 fps to preserve valuable pelts.

In handguns chambered for 6mm cartridges, the 90 grain #1535 FMJBT bullet  performs with good efficiency for the same purpose. It is an excellent choice to minimize pelt damage.

Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.243 90 .218 .387 @ 2800 fps and above
.376 between 2800 and 2100 fps
.368 @ 2100 fps and below

Price: $29.58
Stock Code: 1535
100 bullets
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GARY C of DALLAS, Texas July 9, 2017
6x45mm in an AR platform needs this to go 800yds. Sure others can go longer or better but they won't fit the magazine. 80's and 85's don't buck the wind as good. Other brands may work but they're twice the price.
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Garrett L of Bend, Oregon February 20, 2016
I use these for coyote hunting for hide preservation in my rifle and for long range shooting in my ladies' Weatherby. They more than satisfy for both applications. My old custom Mauser bangs out less than half inch groups, so I will testify these are the best multipurpose bullets for the money. Just had them tested in the lab and had excellent bc results at 100 yds. They also have the most consistent block setting on the ogive which means I get the same seating depth/bto every time. P.S. i make bullets for a living!
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Weldon B of Dallas, Texas February 9, 2015
very good for Turkey. I keep a few with me when I deer hunt our turkey season and deer season are at the same time.
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Jeff G of Beavercreek, Ohio February 3, 2015
I tried these bullets in a factory 6mm Remington 40-x using a load straight from the Sierra manual. It shot sub MOA at 100 and 300. I moved back to 600 yards and it easily shot a clean 200-12X score. I'm hoping they become available soon since this rifle loves these bullets more than anything else I've tried.
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