.22 Caliber (.224) High Velocity 50 gr. BlitzKing

For rifles, this bullet is designed for explosive expansion in varmints and small game and with accuracy characteristic of the MatchKing bullets. The nose tips of the bullets are made of a proprietary acetyl resin compound, and the sharp tips improve the ballistic coefficient over the traditional flat-base Spitzer bullet design. This bullet has a boat tail to further increase ballistic coefficient compared to a flat-base design in these bullet weights. All the BlitzKing bullets in 22 caliber are designed to be fired at muzzle velocities up to 4400 fps.

For handguns, these BlitzKing bullets are especially effective in varmints and small game for the full range of centerfire cartridges in 22 caliber. They have outstanding accuracy, a flat trajectory and superb expansion in small animals even with the smaller-capacity cartridges. This bullet is recommended for moderate-capacity cartridges, such as the 222 Remington and the 223 Remington in handguns.

The #1450 was introduced in 1999.


Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.224 50 .142 .248 @ 3300 fps and above
.243 between 3300 and 2650 fps
.232 between 2650 and 2050 fps
.222 between 2050 and 1800 fps
.203 @ 1800 fps and below

Price: $30.59
Stock Code: 1450
100 bullets
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Price: $151.00
Stock Code: 1450C
500 bullets
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Peter S of Armidale,armidale, Australia November 16, 2017
These are great in my 22-250 for roo's foxes and wild dogs.Forget the skins if you are body shooting.
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Danie D of Bloemfontein, Free State June 9, 2017
The 50 gr. BlitzKing works well on our small plains game in South Africa. It's a pleasure to reload in our .222.
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Tonny F of Ft. Covington, New York December 6, 2015
Nothing flies in my 22-250 ackley improved as consistently as a blitz king 50grainer. I love sierra bullets pwriod for my 22 thru 30 caliber rifles
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Doug S of West Fargo, North Dakota January 31, 2015
Obviously each rifle is different and some like this bullet and others like that one. I can tell you my Savage 112 LOVES the 50gr Blitzkings. After trying about 5 different bullets, I got a one hole group at 100 yards, 0.69" group at 250 yards, and can consistently break clay pigeons at 700 yards. Man, is that satisfying. Let me take a quick minute so that you don't get the same frustration as I did in the search for accuracy. Before, although the reloading practices were the same, I was using a $69 or even $150 scope with a BDC reticle and could do mediocre at best, and pretty lousy whenever the wind was present. Now, with entering an accurate range, muzzle velocity, wind reading, and atmospherics my performance went from sometimes not being able to hit a 2'x2' target at 300 or 400 yards, to now being able to watch my 10 year-old son (at the time) do 1st round hits on a gong at 300 yards or a prairie dog at 400 yards. In summary, give these a try. They may just work well for you too.
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Mark G of Paola, Kansas January 14, 2014
I recently loaded some bullets for my new Cooper Model 22, 22-250 and the very first test loads were 50gr blitzkings, Norma Factory Brass, CCI BR2 primers, and RE15 powder. I have an 80yd range in my yard to zero my guns before heading to the range. After firing a cold bore fowling shot, I commensed to shoot a 3 shot group. To my surprise, I had an almost perfect flyhole with maybe .015-.020" variance. Perfect in my book. I also load 8 other calibers and these are the most accurate of all the other brands of hunting bullets. Both great hunting and target bullets. I won't get anything else.
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Charles B of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania October 30, 2013
Shoots under .5" @ 100 yds. in 4 different rifles...Very seldom is it more than .3" from a Cooper and Ruger...223...VVN133...wsr...2.260" coal...Cases FLRS in ordinary and wonderful LEE Precision dies...Thanks Sierra...The Cooper 21 shoots under .2" when I utilize the LEE collett die with carefully prepared cases...SWPA groundhogs beware...Over 850 have fallen to the Cooper and Blitz King...350 yds. over a hay bale or off any available natural rest...NO BIPODS...That keeps the sport a true sport and sometimes a groundhog deserves to win...Shoot from standing or sitting and sometimes prone...Thanks again Sierra, especially for all the advice, information and good conversation...Hard put to use anything but Sierra bullets......Chuck
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