.22 Caliber (.224) High Velocity 55 gr. SBT

In rifles chambering 22 caliber cartridges of moderate to large powder capacity, this famous bullet is perhaps the most efficient 22 caliber bullet available for varmints at long range or targets. The spitzer boat tail design provides exceptional accuracy and a flat trajectory. The high ballistic coefficient of this bullet provides less sensitivity to crosswinds and vertical winds and greater retained velocity and energy downrange. It is an excellent choice for most 22 centerfire cartridges but is at its best in the 22-250, 220 Swift, and similar high-velocity cartridges. For target shooting purposes this 55 grain spitzer boat tail has been surpassed by the heavier MatchKing bullets in 22 caliber, but in many rifles it delivers match-grade accuracy.

For handguns, because it has the Sierra high velocity construction, this bullet is too "hard" to be recommended for hunting applications. However, it features the famous Sierra accuracy and is certainly an excellent choice for long-range accuracy under all conditions. If a boat tail bullet with extremely high accuracy fits your needs for target shooting, then this bullet should be your choice.

The #1365 was introduced in 1980.

Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.224 55 .157 .250 @ 3000 fps and above
.245 between 3000 and 2000 fps
.235 @ 2000 fps and below

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James S of Kalamazoo, Michigan August 25, 2016
Best bullet i have found for my bushmaster A.R.15 1-9 twist 16 inch barrel, It shoots MOA or less at 200 yards With 23.7 grains Vihtavuori n-130, cci 400 primer and good brass. 3100 fps at muzzle. Cant wait to shoot something with it besides paper.
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Frank H of Grand Forks, North Dakota May 31, 2016
After 35 years of varmint hunting I only recommend this bullet. I've tried the other "ballistic tips" but was disappointed. The Sierra 55Gr SBT is my #1 choice. I now shoot a .22-250 Ackley Imp. with 1:16 twist and this bullet gives one hole groups at 4050 FPS. I have taken ground hogs, grey fox, bobcat, coyote, Mt Lion, antelope, and mule deer with this bullet - all were "bang-flop" shots. This bullet is a killer and accurate as well.
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Rod P of NSW, Australia May 18, 2016
At 22-250 velocities (~3750fps), this bullet has to be the greatest 'all round' performer I've used or seen in 30 years of reloading, and 40 years of hunting. It performs more consistently than any ballistic tip bullet I've used, and is thoroughly convincing on everything from bunnies and foxes to pigs and deer, with a little effort put into shot placement. It just seems to impart huge hydrostatic shock on small game, as well as penetrate the bigger, harder animals. By far, the most consistent bullet I've seen in the field. I'm easily head shooting foxes at 290 yards, and instantly killing roos at over 400 yards. My first load grouped .3MOA without any load development, and I'm now getting better than that at very long ranges, where terminal performance is unequalled by anything else I've loaded. I'll never go back to ballistic tips in my 22-250, as long as this bullet is available. It's also easy to load, as it seems to be tolerant of both small and large jumps.
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At J of South Africa , South Africa June 22, 2015
Culled over 2000 animals ranging from springbuck to eland with this bullet from 20 to 600 yards with 22-250 Tikka continental with 1-14 heavy barrel at 3850 fs mostly headshots up to 300 body shots for the rest 95% one shot kills, windage and shot placement is essential. Meat bruising is minimal compered to my other calibres.Who cares about bullet retention if the animal goes down every shot 5% is human error not poor bullet performance. Great bullet
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Mark A of Dry Ridge, Kentucky February 23, 2015
I was able to get great accuracy with H 4895 out of my .22-250 savage 12 fvss 26" barrel - 5/16" 3 shot groups at 100 yards @ 3610 fps. Good penetration on coyotes- killed one at 200 yards the other day and bullet performance was excellent.
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Tom I of Barons , Canada November 15, 2014
This bullet gets smaller groups in my 22 250 than any other 55 grain bullet from Spear, Hornaday or Nosler.
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Erik D of Idaho Falls, Idaho August 12, 2014
I have been using this bullet in the 223 for 30 years. It is accurate, deadly and dependable. A must have bullet.
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Doug E of Libby, Montana July 9, 2014
Best bullet I have ever shot out of my 22-250. 5 shot group at 1/4 moa at 200. Great for coyotes deer and antelope.
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Bob L of Atlanta, Georgia June 18, 2014
This bullet has made numerous kills with a 223 and 22-250. The 223 is good out to 550 yards and the 22-250 750 yards. I hope that you never stop making this product.
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Stephen J of Castle Fraser, Scotland January 28, 2014
This bullet is both accurate and expands reliably in the .222 Rem that I use to shoot Roe Deer. Giving excellent knock down power, the bullet kills cleanly with minimal meat damage, it has rapidly become my round of choice when stalking Roe in woodland margins, where shooting distances are normally under 120 yards.
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