.22 Caliber (.224) Medium Velocity 50 gr. Spitzer Blitz

If you shoot a rifle in 222 Remington or 223 Remington, this may be the ideal varmint bullet for you. This bullet is designed for the velocity levels typical of these two popular rifle cartridges to give maximum terminal performance. It can often give accuracy rivaling even our famous MatchKings. The sleek Sierra Spitzer point shape assures downrange performance. Designed for total frangibility upon impact, this lightly jacketed bullet should be used only in "conventional" twist rate barrels (1x12" or 1x14"). Use in fast twist rate barrels can result in bullet disintegration in mid-air!

Designed for velocities below 3600 FPS, thin-jacketed and highly explosive, this can be one of the bullets for all 22 caliber centerfire handguns chambering medium-to-large-capacity cartridges for varmint hunting applications. Offering good expansion characteristics at all normal ranges with traditional Sierra match grade accuracy, this bullet may be an excellent choice for all but the smallest of the 22 centerfire cartridges. The Sierra Spitzer shape results in a high ballistic coefficient for flat trajectory, high energy retention downrange, and low sensitivity to crosswinds and vertical winds. The enhanced expansion characteristics on small animals make the Blitz the choice of knowledgeable handgunners the world over.

The #1340 was introduced in 1978.

Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.224 50 .142 .222 @ 2800 fps and above
.217 between 2800 and 1800 fps
.207 @ 1800 fps and below

Price: $22.09
Stock Code: 1340
100 bullets
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ron w of Madison, Wisconsin July 22, 2017
I've used these in my .222 since 1970. This bullet/gun combo (at about 2800 fps) has killed more Wisconsin deer than any "deer rifle" I own, for me, my 2 sons (who each killed their 1st deer with it) and my friends. The Blitz is not advertised (or recommended) for deer, but I never lost a buck or doe shot with it, and you can't argue with success.
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Wayne L of Wedderburn, Australia May 31, 2016
I have used these for 16 years to shot Roos .My rem 700 vssf 223 1/12 twist loves them ..Total length of loaded case and projectile..2.230" and I moly coat them..
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Allan B of Dugald Manitoba, Canada September 4, 2015
Absolutly the best bullet in my Mod. 700 .222 sporter weight barrel. The rifle has had more than 5000 rounds through it's whippy sporter barrel and still puts 5 of these in 1.25" at 200 yards ! Great bullet!
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Marty H of Niota, Tennessee July 14, 2015
Started using the 50 gr Blitz in 1978 in central KY when I was 15 and a die-hard groundhog hunter with my .222 Rem. Heck of a bullet you have there, thanks for all the many years of wonderful accuracy and terminal performance! I own several 222's now and a couple of the modern 223's and I'm still using the Blitz's!
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Glenn M of Versailles, Kentucky September 11, 2013
The best there is. Have been using them since 1968. Don't shoot anything else.
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Charles P of Louisburg, Kansas August 15, 2013
An old timer recommended these to me back in the '70s and since then, I use these in every .22 centerfire I own. They are the most accurate bullet I've found and perform perfectly on game from prairie dogs to coyotes. To give you an idea of the inherent accuracy, I had some loads I had to disassemble. I used pliers and an RCBS Jr press to take them apart. As you would expect, the bullets were mangled by the pliers. Just as an experiment, I loaded these damaged bullets in .223 cases and shot them at 100 yards, just to see what effect the damage would have. Out of my Interarms Mini Mauser, they still grouped right at one inch.
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