.30 Caliber/7.62mm (.308) 125 gr. SPT

The 125 grain #2120 has a medium-weight tapered jacket. It is very destructive at high velocity and is an excellent long-range varmint bullet. When loaded to medium velocity, it is an excellent low-recoil hunting bullet suited to medium game. The #2120 bullet is especially well suited to Hunter Benchrest, where it has become very popular.  Reliable expansion and deep penetration blended with Sierra's classic Spitzer flatbase profile makes these the bullets of choice with many 30 caliber riflemen.

For handguns, Sierra's Pro-Hunter design is generally considered too "hard" for all but the most powerful of the 30 caliber handgun cartridges. The #2120 can be used for medium game at 30-30 level velocities when loaded at or near maximum levels. This is an excellent target bullet and has been used with great success. The 125 grain #2120 bullet will prove too light for the 200-meter rams in Handgun Silhouettes, but is a good choice for the smaller, lighter chickens, turkeys and pigs. Due to their flat base design, Pro-Hunter bullets are an excellent choice for a cartridge with limited powder capacity and a short neck, because these bullets intrude into the powder space less than a boat tail.

Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.308 125 .188 .279 @ 2800 fps and above
.277 between 2800 and 2000 fps
.264 @ 2000 fps and below

Price: $37.02
Stock Code: 2120
100 bullets
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*Sierra Bullets does not sell any loaded ammunition. What you are purchasing are bullets only and will need to be loaded into ammunition in order to be fired from a firearm. Prices, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to correct typographic, photographic and/or descriptive errors.


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Freddie H of Hampton, Virginia October 29, 2017
My Dad reloaded this bullet 50+years ago. When I got his 30-06 after he went to the great hunting grounds. I started reloading for his gun. I'm just thankful that Sierra is still making the same bullet. Killed 3 deer this past year all on the run in Va. Thanks again for keeping a great bullet in production.
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Dave C of Vancouver, BC , Canada July 19, 2016
Excellent 200 meter accuracy from my Savage model 11 in 308 Win. Loaded with 39.0 gr of IMR 3031 powder, Federal 210M primer and Federal case. I can't wait to try this lighter load on our small coastal (Columbia) back tail deer.
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Roger J of Hazel, Kentucky June 29, 2014
Most accurate bullet, I've found so far in my Model 70 Sporter circa 1972,chambered in 30/06..Sub.1/2"5 shot groups@100yds. Loaded to 3100fps, has been highly effective on whitetail deer out to 300+yards, although I prefer a 150-165gr.specifically for larger whitetails, it is a great multi. Purpose larger varmint and whitetail deer bullet....
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George A of Durham, North Carolina December 23, 2013
Loaded for use with 300 blackout AR15. Sub MOA groups at 100 yards using ammo loaded with Dillon 550. Flat base allowed me to produce some hot hunting loads. First time afield killed a mature NC buck, heart shot at 75 yards. Wound channel was .6" wide, little expansion but the bullet hit no bone. Would like to know how it would handle the shoulder or neck.
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russell d of cody, Wyoming September 7, 2013
Devastating out of my 308 krico @ 3000 fps on wild pigs up to 300lbs with a headshot. Texas heartshot on similar size hogs achors them, but requires finishing off. Trying out in my 300 blackout remington 700 bolt action, 17grns of mulwex 2205 with federal primer.
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David M of Wichita Falls, Texas August 15, 2013
This bullet cycles and shoot 1" groups @100 yards form my AAC 300 Blackout.
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