.30 Caliber/7.62mm (.308) 180 gr. SBT

For rifles in 30 caliber, these bullets are designed for medium- to long-range hunting with cartridges having medium to large case capacities for powder. These bullets often display match grade accuracy from accurate hunting rifles. The famous Sierra Spitzer Boat Tail shape assures flat trajectory, excellent resistance to crosswinds and vertical winds, and maximum energy delivery to the target. Good penetration and expansion are characteristic of these bullets even at the reduced impact velocities at long range. With the weight range available, at least one of these bullets will prove ideal for almost any 30 caliber cartridge. The 180 grain #2160 has no restrictions for large game but are best when fired at maximum hunting velocities. All of these bullets deliver exceptional accuracy, and the 180 grain #2160 was used to win the prestigious 1000 yard Wimbledon Cup in 1953.


In handguns chambering 30 caliber cartridges, prior to the introduction of the Remington Model XP-100 (and similar handgun designs) utilizing larger rifle cartridges, the usefulness of these bullets was limited. Now, these bullets have a very definite niche as superbly accurate hunting bullets. Previously considered "too hard" for expansion, they perform well at the 2500 fps muzzle velocities achievable in the 308 Winchester and larger cartridges. Ease of loading and precise concentricity contributes to their excellent accuracy. Sierra's Spitzer Boat Tail design assures flat trajectory and high energy delivery downrange with low sensitivity to crosswinds and vertical winds. These bullets are suitable for varmints through large game at all ranges a prudent handgunner would normally attempt. The 180 grain #2160 bullets are favorites of the silhouette shooters and long-range competitors, but are too "hard" for most hunting applications.

Dia. (inches) Weight (grains) Sectional Density Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
0.308 180 .271 .501 @ 2700 fps and above
.506 between 2700 and 1700 fps
.505 @ 1700 fps and below

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Bret N of Fordyce , Arkansas September 18, 2016
Use #2160 in 30-06 and 300 WSM @ 2700fps in 06 and 2950fps in 300. Never had to look for any animal taken with either or use a 2nd shot. Absolutely perfect bullet performance every time and 1/2" accuracy with both loads.
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Dave C of Eastport, New York March 15, 2016
This is another accurate bullet from Sierra. Loaded in .30-06 to 2800 fps for a Kimber 8400 Montana, I took a mule deer in Alberta at 200 yards with it. It's a hard bullet, complete pass through, small exit wound. Better for elk and up.
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Eugenio G of Zaragoza, Spain February 14, 2016
In the range at 200m. This bullet shows amazing stability with practically any lógical load and powder combination. Ensures in my Sako trg42 300Wm groups under MOA including wind influence. Hunting expands in any kind of Body from 40kg roedeers to 250kg like Gemsbock . Congratulations
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Robert S of Allentown , Pennsylvania January 10, 2016
Used this bullet in my new 300WM this year to take a buck and a doe. Extremely accurate and hits really hard. Full penetration with massive damage to the vitals.
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DENNIS P of EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah October 7, 2015
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Guillermo S of Coleville, California August 7, 2015
This is my go to bullet for competition, especially when the wind get tricky. If it was good enough to win the Wimbelton back then, its good to keep using them. I built a rifle strictly of off this product
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Tim M of Green Valley, Arizona August 6, 2015
Load for 300 win.mag. 1 1/2 groups at 200 yds. Have used many weights of 308 Cal. Sierra bullets. Always preform excellently
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Regi N of South Africa, Bloemfontein November 8, 2014
I love these bullets they never failed me in all my hunting trips, I use them for all my rifles ,243 ,30 06 ,308 and 300 win mag. I will use them till my last days, the problem is we struggle to get them here in South Africa, but that wont stop me from using them.
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Erik D of Idaho Falls, Idaho August 12, 2014
It doesnt matter what 30 cal I used, or what my target was. These have always performed. Gotta love em.
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Jesse V of Paris, Tennessee May 10, 2014
By far the best bullet I have ever used in my M91/30 mosin nagant Which has a .308 bore. 3/4"-1" groups at 100yds. With iron sights
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Mike S of Albuquerque, New Mexico March 11, 2014
300 Weatherby mag 2 deer ~500yd Heart/lung droppoed in tracks. 1 deer 137yd shot in head dropped in tracks. 1 Barbary sheep.head on breast bone fell off cliff. All bullets massive expansion no exit except head shot.
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Chester H of Anchorage, Alaska February 11, 2014
Shot a moose broadside at 40yds. Didn't hit any ribs, but the bullet fragmented and exited the other side of the moose making three ragged holes. I'm switching to a bonded bullet, because I don't want to waste meat and I need a bullet that will stay together in case I have to use it on a bear. Otherwise, bullet was accuate at the range.
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Jeff J of Florence, Mississippi November 10, 2013
I have used this bullet in my Winchester Model 70 for years. My rifle loves them and rewards me with very tight groups, often smaller than a quarter with six shots at 100 yards. This bullet is extremely effective on deer. I have killed many deer with this bullet and all except one stopped right where I hit them. This is my preferred "go to" bullet.
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Slavomir H of Kosice, Slovakia October 24, 2013
With my .30-06 Springfield and 24" barrel I can shoot well with this bullet. In all the tried distances (20m-200m) over the years I can say that for red deer and also for small roe deer it performs excellent. Also the accuracy is really match grade.
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Rod G of Potomac, Montana September 22, 2013
Been using GK & PH bullets for 30+ years. Mostly 308 cal. in 180gr. Also in 277 & 284 calibers of various weights. But the 308 caliber, 180gr GK and PH have never failed me. Very accurate and perform well on game.
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DENNIS P of EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah September 6, 2013
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