Sierra Scrapbook

My First Mule Deer

Submitted by Greg Ginrich: "I just returned from my first hunting trip in Montana. The first day out I got my first elk. The second morning, the guide and I were on a ridge overlooking a long coulee and we spotted a large group of mule deer at about 1500 yards off on the other side of the ranch boundary fence. Even at that distance we could see there were three large bucks in the group. That afternoon we went in farther down the ridge closer to the fence line and hoped the group would come across the fence. We didn't get to where we wanted to be because of deer moving in our proximity. We finally worked our way through the timber to a point where we could see the fence and the creek in the bottom of the coulee. We could see many does and small bucks moving but not the three bigger bucks we had seen that morning. At 5:30, the guide held up his hands and indicated 'horns'. I looked across the fence through the binoculars and saw a large buck moving toward the fence. My heart rate and breathing increased and he jumped the fence on to our side. I asked the guide for range and he replied: 348. The first shot knocked him down but he got up and I fired again. He dropped again but got to his feet again. The third shot put him down for good. The shots were at 350 yards shooting at 40 degree down angle in a 20 mph wind. All three shots were hits. I was shooting a custom 300 win mag with my own loads. The loads were 180 gr SPT Pro-Hunters #2150 backed by 74.6 grains of IMR 7828 powder in Nosler brass with Federal 215 primers. Excellent trip."
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