Sierra Scrapbook

My First Elk

Submitted by Greg Ginrich: "I just returned from my first hunting trip in Montana. The first morning out, we hiked 2 miles to a ridge where elk were likely to cross returning to their bedding areas. The guide and I sat down in some small trees at shooting light was at 7:31. At 7:20, I saw a group of cow elk at about 100 yards. There was a mature bull with them and I shot him at 7:31. I was using my Darcy Echols 300 win mag rifle with my own loads. The loads were 180 gr SPT Pro-Hunters #2150 backed by 74.6 grains of IMR7828 powder in Nosler brass with Federal 215 primers. I shot the Elk twice but the autopsy revealed the first shot would have been fatal. The internal damage was devastating. There were no exit wounds but there were large bullet fragments on the opposite side of the animal under the skin. The Elk weighed 650lbs."
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