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    .45 Cal 185 Gr. FPJ Tournament Master

    This bullet has been discontinued, and is only available while our current supplies last.
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    .45 Cal 185 Gr. JHP Sports Master

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    Sierra’s new #8835 185gr JHP Sports Master is a redesign of our original #8800. It has a smooth transition from the bearing surface to the ogive, and a rounder ogive profile, as well as a new hollow cavity in the nose. These new features have created a bullet that has given us a very good expansion quality and reliability from velocities associated with the 45ACP cartridge. It was originally designed for use from the 45ACP but can be used in others like the 45 Auto Rim and even the 45 Colt when certain conditions are met. If you have any questions about use or proper loading techniques, call our 800-223-8799 number and talk to a Tech, we’ll be happy to help.
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    450 Cal 260 Gr. FN Pro-Hunter

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    We are introducing a .4515” diameter bullet to provide an outstanding bullet weight that will be ideal in the prevalent .450 Bushmaster. Excellent feeding capability was of utmost importance along with the deepest penetration and expansion qualities combined. The flatnose allows the projectile to deliver tremendous energy transfer on game such as boar and bear. Yet deliver reliable expansion even on smaller game like coyotes. This 450 Bushmaster will be an ultimate bullet for deer as well. All of this performance and sporting a G1 B.C. of .164 and sectional density of .182 will prove this to be the excellent fodder for the mighty .450.