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Volume 9, Issue 2

Sierra Announces Match Jacket Sales
Responding to popular demand, Sierra Bullets now offers a limited number of Match Grade bullet jackets on a consumer direct basis. All Sierra Match jackets are made from special gilding metal copper alloy composed of 95% copper and 5% zinc. In order to match our different bullet requirements and meet stringent quality objectives, we buy nineteen different sizes of gilding metal and require three times more dimensional and quality control than is considered standard in the copper manufacturing industry. Special tooling made in our own tool and die shop assures that the jacket is drawn evenly
  and that uniform wall thickness is maintained for accuracy. Jackets, which have been drawn using Sierra's progressive multi-step draw process to the proper wall construction, are trimmed to a length with a tolerance of +/- 0.002". This insures consistent weight and proper forming when the bullet is assembled.
     After each step, the bullet jackets are washed and rinsed using a special cleaning process developed by Sierra. During each phase of production, roving quality control inspectors check specifications to ensure that the only part to move on is a perfect one. Reports on the quality of parts being manufactured are maintained in every department and are periodically reviewed by shift supervisors.

Sierra Retail Pricing
Stock #
Description $/1000
T6F .22 cal, .705 Length Jacket Finished $45.77
T1505F 6mm, .810 Length Jacket Finished $58.25
T2200F .30 cal 1.155 Length Jacket Finished $83.50

Jackets are sold in even quantities of 1000 as priced here. Prices do not include shipping. Orders accepted in the U.S. only at this time.

Sierra's 5th Edition Reloading Manual

     Sierra Bullets proudly announces the Sierra 5th Edition Manual of Rifle and Handgun Reloading Data. Retaining the popular three-ring binder format that allows the manual to be updated as new data becomes available, the Fifth Edition has been modernized with new cartridge introductions, histories and reloading recommendations. New bullets, new cartridges and new powders make this manual a necessity in every reloader's library. Sections included in this manual are: a complete glossary of ballistic, reloading and firearms terminology. We've also updated our sections dealing with the reloading process, reloading tools and equipment, bore care and firearms cleaning.
Renowned ballistic experts Ted Almgren and Bill McDonald have condensed the section dealing with exterior ballistics into one of the most comprehensive dissertations available on the subject today. There's also a unique question and answer chapter consisting of some of the most commonly asked (and some of the more unusual) questions fielded by our technical service line. Retail price for this manual is $28.95 and will be available beginning in January 2003. This new manual may also be purchased with Sierra's new INFINITY version 5.0 Exterior Ballistic Computer Software program on cd-rom at a retail price of $59.95.
2002 Bianchi Cup and Masters

     Doug Koenig won the Bianchi Cup for the 6th time and the Masters for the 9th time. The Bianchi Cup, held at The Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club near Hallsville, MO in May, attracts shooters from all over the world. This was the 3rd consecutive year in a row for Doug to win the "CUP" as it is known. His score this year was a perfect 1920 with 184 X count, exactly the same score he won with in 2001. Doug's bullet of choice for the Bianchi Cup: Sierra's #8110 115 grain JHP Sports Master. Sierra shooter Bruce Piatt captured the Top Lawman category, also using Sierra 9mm 115 grain bullets.

     Koenig captured the prestigious Masters competition at PASA Park in Barry, IL during the first week of August. Koenig won the long-range and the precision stages and held off Piatt for the title.
Sean Dillon with 60.2 pound lynx killed in South Africa with a #1330 50 grain Varminter from a .223

Technical Service Hours Change!!
As we continue the development of loading data for our 5th Edition Manual of Rifle and Handgun Reloading Data, we have adjusted the hours of operation for our 800 Toll-Free Technical Service to 8 am to 5 p.m. However, beginning September 1, we will be receiving your calls from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. CDT. Thank you for your patience and understanding.     In the last issue of the X-Ring newsletter, we reported the sectional density of the new 8mm 200 grain HPBT MatchKing bullet as .313 when it actually should be .274. We are sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused.

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