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Volume 7, Issue 2

New World Record for Heavy Gun, Single Target

Gerald Duvall has been notified by the National Benchrest Shooters Association, that his score; 99=1X at 1000 yards, is a new world record for Heavy Gun, Single Target Score - actual group size was 6.5", although not pertinent to this record. It was fired at the registered Reno, Nevada range on the weekend of September 18-19 1999 from a custom rifle and synthetic stock built by gunsmith, Randy

Dierks (Action Gun Works). The cartridge fired is .308 Baer, using the Sierra 240 MatchKing, from a 36" K & P 1x9 twist barrel in front of a Jewell trigger, Time Precision action and under a 8-32x56 Nigthforce scope. Note of interest for shooters considering this type of shooting; Gerald has about 1 year's experience in this sport. Congratulations to Mr. Duvall!

Stuck Cartridges
by Dave Brown

Brass fired in one gun may not get full length sized enough, even when the die is bottomed out on the shell holder, to chamber in another gun. Forcing a cartridge in too far that is chambering with difficulty often results in a stuck cartridge. The extractor can rip through the rim resulting in a real dilemma. This can occur when buying once fired brass, picking up brass at the range, owning two guns in the same cartridge, having a gun with a narrow out of round chamber, and so on. A cartridge stuck in the chamber is one reason to buy new brass and dedicate it to only one gun. If the action can be fully closed and fired the cartridge can usually be extracted without a problem. Attempting to dislodge a stuck cartridge by tapping it out with a cleaning rod or dowel has resulted in more than one death. If you ever find yourself facing the problem of a badly stuck cartridge it is best to call a gunsmith to determine if he has a "stuck cartridge remover" or call Brownells and order one. When the rim of a case is exposed, the collet of the stuck cartridge remover can fully engage and extract the cartridge in the fashion of a steering wheel slide hammer type puller. This gadget works great and can prevent a major catastrophe.

Bernie Niebauer from Columbus, MT with his '99 goat taken with 30 cal. 165 gr SBT GameKing.

Mr. Niebauer's son with his 1st deer taken with a .270 cal. 130 gr SBT GameKing.


Tumbling Live Cartridges
by Dave Brown

Although ammunition can be tumbled for a short period of time to remove sizing lube it is best to use lubes that can be easily wiped away with a cloth or paper towel. It is a good idea to never tumble or vibrate ammunition. We have heard of guns coming unhinged when firing cartridges that had been jostled about in the glove compartment or under the seat for long periods breaking down the propellant grains into smaller particles. Ammunition should be fairly clean, but it does not need to sparkle like a golden mirror. Wiping off corrosion and crud with OO steel wool will more than suffice to fire it. After firing, it can be tumbled or vibrated.


Brian Story, Emmett, ID with his mule deer from fall 1999. Shot with 30 cal. 180 gr SBT from his 30-338.

D.J. Bushman, KS, Dec. 1999, 445 Super Mag, 300 gr JSP at 85 yds.

Competition Seaters
by Dave Brown

Many handloaders who have invested in a concentricity gauge, or watched a bullet's nose spiral when rolled across the table feel compelled to rush out and buy a new high quality seater to set their bullets straighter. While there is a wide variation in the precision dimensions of seater sleeves none of them can correct a neck that is out of alignment due to a sizing die and or expander that was not squared when it was set in the press. If the sizer and expander is set up crooked the neck of the case will also be misaligned. If the neck is out a couple thousandths the bullet will extend that angle and be even worse, and the world's best seater die will not correct it. To properly square a die, see Accuracy Loading Tip: Squaring Your Dies by Rich Machholz, X-Ring Volume 1, No. 1. We do not have back issues. Archived issues can be read or copied from our web site www.sierrabullets.com

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