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Volume 7, Issue 1

Sierra Rosette

The CAB Designs
Windage Wheel
by Kevin Thomas

The windage wheel is a familiar concept to High Power competitors but may be new to others. It consists of a series of concentric rings, each indicating a particular wind speed from all directions. Arranged like the face of a clock, the shooter has only to match his position with that of the wheel, check the speed and direction of the wind and read the appropriate correction from the wheel. These are commonly found in High Power log books such as those sold by Creedmoor Armory and Champions Choice. The biggest drawback has been their being limited to a particular type of bullet, at a standard velocity such as the M118 at 2550 fps. If you shot something different, you were out of luck. This has recently been changed by CAB Designs of St. Louis. Offering custom windage diagrams tailored to your velocity, bullet and sight clicks, they offer the shooter an instant reference as to exactly how many clicks of windage adjustment are needed for any given set of conditions. I used one of these diagrams at Camp Perry this year with excellent results. Given the highly variable conditions that reign at this Mecca for High Power shooters, that's saying a lot. My chart was based on velocities chronographed from my loads, in my rifle, and for the 1/4 MOA clicks of my sights. The results were dead-on. The windage wheel comes in the form of a heavily laminated card, impervious to the rainy conditions we always seem to encounter. While the concept is best known to High Power shooters there is no reason why a windage wheel wouldn't be just as useful to varminters and long-range hunters. Remember, it can be tailored to any given bullet and velocity combination, and for whatever ranges you'd like. The standard diagram comes with three ranges (normally 200, 300, and 600 yards for High Power), but can be made with up to four per card, at whatever distances fit your particular requirements. The cost is $7.50 per card (three or four windage wheels each) postage paid. For more information, or to place an order, contact Jeff at CAB Designs, (636) 537-1565. You can also write to; 738 Spirit 40 Park Drive, Chesterfield MO, 63005, or e-mail them at jeffgc@isnet.net . Check out their website at http://members.xoom.com/cabdesigns/.

Sierra Commits to NSSF
Hunting & Shooting
Sports Heritage Fund!!!

Beginning in January 2000, Sierra Bullets has committed to donating to this new Fund coordinated by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and developed to provide an aggressive and positive communication and marketing program to help restore the favorable image of the hunting and shooting sports, and to support the legal and legislative initiatives in response to politically motivated attacks on legitimate and responsible firearms commerce.

Bulk Packaging for
MatchKing & BlitzKing

As a result of consumer demand from varmint and competitive shooters, Sierra will offer match and varmint bullets in 500 count boxes. All of the .22 caliber and 6mm BlitzKing bullets and most of our MatchKing bullets are now available in boxes of 500 bullets. Visit our web site at www.sierrabullets.com for complete bullet listings and for our revised interactive information.

What Should Be
My O.A.L.
by Carroll Pilant
A common question here at Sierra is," what is my OAL for this bullet in my rifle." Since each firearm is an individual, that can vary from gun to gun. Often, they have tried to measure a factory cartridge or use the length from a reloading manual of another manufacturer resulting in a bullet being jammed into the rifling, resulting in high pressures and blown primers or worse. Just because a bullet is the same weight, the profile of it can change the OAL considerably. An easy way to get an OAL is to follow a few simple steps. I try to seat the bullet as long as possible and make sure it will feed out of the magazine. Then, I make sure it isn't jamming into the rifling. I like to have about 20 to 25 thousandths jump to the rifling, and check each new batch of bullets, since there can be a slight variance from lot to lot. Then make sure you have enough of the bearing surface of the bullet in the mouth of the case to have a firm grip on the bullet. Usually about one caliber of the bearing surface is the rule of thumb, but you can fudge on that a little . If you have a long throated gun, usually about all you can do is have it seated as long as the magazine will allow and make sure you have a good grip on the bullet with the case and let it jump the distance to the rifling. There you go, an easy way to find your OAL.

Bullet Performance
by Carroll Pilant

We get a lot of questions on hunting bullet performance. All to often, hunters expect miracles out of a bullet. The worst problem is the bullet placement. Often, shots are placed ( or happen to wind out there), in places where a humane kill isn't possible-regardless of the bullet or caliber. My saying has been," If you shoot them where they live, they die where they are standing." If more hunters would follow that saying, they will have a lot less "bullet performance" problems.

Do We Have A Future
by Duane Siercks
What does the future hold for the shooter, reloader, and gun enthusiast? No crystal ball is needed to see that there are more changes on the horizon. But I am not writing this article to state my political position, but rather to take a look at the future of shooting....the young shooter. Now is the perfect time to get our young people involved and enthused in the shooting sports and hunting. Take them out and teach them the important rules of gun safety and the skills of handling firearms. Only with an interest in hunting, plinking, and competitive shooting does reloading have a future. We can be assured that if our young people have an interest in shooting sports that they will also be actively involved with the future of their sport. There will also be a great bonus to us as we spend precious and important time with our children, and give them a heritage that has nothing to be ashamed of. Freedom!!

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