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Volume 6, Issue 2

Sneaking in the Back Door

by Paul Box

With more and more factory rifles having long throats today, a common question is "How can I get any accuracy, I can't get seated close to the rifling?" While a high percentage of rifles will give very good accuracy with bullets seated near the rifling, some will group as well, sometimes even better with a long jump. When working up loads for top accuracy I usually start with the bullet seated up close to the rifling, but once a promising load has been found, try seating back in .010" increments to as much as .060" off the rifling. Some rifles will deliver as good or better accuracy seated this far back. Naturally the magazine will have to be considered on long seated rounds if it is to be used. Sneaking in the back door can be even more accurate sometimes.


Loading for the BlitzKing
by Rich Machholz


Since the introduction of the Sierra BlitzKing bullets we have received hundreds of calls inquiring about load data specific to these bullets.  We are always happy to help with any question but the BlitzKings don't require any special data other than making sure you use the appropriate bullet weight.  The one exception to this is the new 6mm 55 grain BlitzKing.  This particular bullet responds quite well to our current 60 grain data and will give excellent velocity and accuracy.  The BlitzKing bullets are no different from other Sierra bullets other than being real eye-openers terminally.  Give them a try, we think you will like them.

Sierra Bullets Tech Talk

The first ever Sierra "Live Forum" was conducted on February 23. The transcript is available for your viewing on the Sierra web site. Thank you to all who participated. Although this first effort was far from flawless, we are encouraged by the participation and plan to conduct another Tech Talk Forum on Thursday, May 13 from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. central time. To participate, you need to log onto the Sierra Bullets web site and download the JAVA Client to your computer. Then simply follow the instructions on the site to participate.

  Special Notes to INFINITY
Exterior Ballistic Software Owners!!

Please be aware that there are HP printers that utilize printer drivers that do not work properly with Infinity. These include several HP DeskJet 600 series printers. To date we have identified the HP660cse, HP 672c, HP 693c. Please visit the Sierra Bullets Web Site at www.sierrabullets.com for detailed information on how to make your DeskJet printer work with Sierra INFINITY.



A New Season
by Mike Woolum, Hunter Safety Instructor


With our thoughts turning to the 1999 hunting seasons, I have been asked some questions that I feel are worth sharing. One issue that comes up at the beginning of any new season is "Where can I hunt and how do I get permission?" First off, most states have some really nice public hunting areas, although the ones that are closer to major urban areas are pretty crowded on opening days. They tend to thin out during the middle of the week, allowing for some quality hunting. Also, there are a number of smaller units that offer good hunting opportunities without the crowds. These tend to be located in the more rural counties. If you have access to the Internet, you can log onto the Department of Conservation web site and see if they have a "Places to Go" section as we do in Missouri.

As to how to get permission, well my advice is to just ask. The main thing is to locate and talk to landowners prior to the season. Many may have already established a list of hunters or relatives. In some cases they may tell you that the opening weekends are not available, but will let you hunt later in the season. One thing that I have found is, they want to know who you are. Just think how often would you let a perfect stranger walk around your property with a gun. My


method is to introduce myself to the landowner and give him my business card. If the owner grants me permission, I use a second card and write any limits, locations, and dates that I'm allowed to hunt on the back, I ask him to sign the back of the second card granting permission.

After you have permission, offer to help out by fixing a fence, repairing equipment, or other chores that may need to be done. At some locations, the farmer is also a hunter and I'll bring him a box or two of ammunition.

Now that you have the locations of your hunts nailed down, let's not forget the equipment. Summer time is a great time to dig out the boots, calls, tents, etc..that we tend to forget about until we need it. Shake it out, mend and repair as necessary those things that have seen better days. Don't forget your firearm. There has been a lot of new development in bullets, powder, and ammunition over the last year. This is a good time to "work up" some new loads and really fine tune 'old faithful' or maybe that new rifle or handgun you got for Christmas. Don't forget, be safe and identify your target before you shoot.


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