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Volume 5, Issue 2

Sierra New Product Announcements


Sierra has combined the accuracy of our world famous MatchKing bullets with the explosive characteristics of our acetal resin bullet tip technology to create the world's deadliest and most accurate varmint bullets. The new green-tipped BlitzKing bullets are constructed with our MatchKing jackets and held to the tolerances that have made MatchKing bullets world renown.

With their match jacket design and construction, BlitzKing bullets are made to withstand high velocities of even the .22-250 and .220 Swift and are wildcat friendly.

Initially, Sierra is offering the .22 caliber 55 grain BlitzKing, followed by the .22 caliber 50 grain BlitzKing, and .22 caliber 40 grain BlitzKing. These exciting new introductions from Sierra are truly the best of both worlds


Stock Number Description Availability
1455 .22 caliber, 55 grain April
1450 .22 caliber, 50 grain May
1440 .22 caliber, 40 grain June


.22 Caliber 77 grain HPBT MatchKing

Sierra unveils the new 77 grain MatchKing!! Within the last five years, the AR-15/M16A2 rifles have come to dominate the Service Rifle category of HighPower rifle competition. In response to requests for a magazine length bullet of higher Ballistic Coefficient for this type of shooting, Sierra proudly offers our latest MatchKing. Manufactured with a small meplat, an elongated boattail, and an ogive compatible with the magazine feed requirements, the 77 grain MatchKing is sure to be a hit. With a B.C. of .372, this new bullet gives you the long-range wind-bucking ability for the 300 yard line, and beyond. For even longer ranges, such as the Infantry Trophy match, this bullet is sure to make a name for itself.

  This new "Specialty Bullet" will be sold in boxes of 500 bullets and will be available in June 1998. As a result of the length of the bullet, a 1x7" or 1x8" twist is required. The stock number of the .22 caliber, 77 grain HPBT is #9377, and may be purchased directly from Sierra for $74.89 per box of 500 bullets.

HPBT MatchKing

A Look At Mirage
by Paul Box

Any shooter who has done any shooting during the hot summer months has certainly seen the effects of heat waves through their scope, but there is a way to use mirage to help with wind drift on long range shots. How this can help the long range varmint hunter is to realize that mirage is wind that we can see. Mirage that looks like gently flowing water indicates a wind of approximately 5 mph. If the heat waves appear to boil straight up, there's no wind at that moment. If on the other hand, the flow looks like a fast moving stream, the wind is in the 10 to 15 mph bracket. A spotting scope should be set approximately half way to the target and focused, then switch over to the target being shot at to get an even better idea on reading the mirage at the distant target. To get an even better idea on reading the mirage, the Army marksmanship handbook gives some excellent examples.



USMSA is a new organization whose membership is required by International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union (IMSSU) in order to participate in the World Silhouette Championships. The World Championships are held every two years with the 1998 matches being shot in Helsinki, Finland. In lieu of the NRA declining to participate, USMSA was formed in order for U.S. shooters to be able to attend. Membership in USMSA is not required to shoot any NRA event, only the World Championships. A two year membership is $10 and you must be a member 30 days prior to the Championships in order to participate. The 1998 Championships are being held from June 24th through July 4th. If you plan on attending or would like to support a U.S. team please mail your dues to Marguerite Everheart 301 Grant St. Socorro, NM. 87801. For more information contact Tommy Todd (tommy@sierrabullets.com) at Sierra Bullets.

A Look At Primer Pockets
by Paul Box

Bench resters have taught us that primer pockets can't be taken for granted. New brass will have a pocket that can vary slightly in depth as well as be concave at the bottom. Any of the fine uniforming tools on today's market will cut this to a uniform depth and also square the bottom at the same time, allowing the primer to be seated squarely on the bottom. In this fashion, none of the energy of the firing pin is wasted in having to final seat the primer a few extra thousandths, and ignition will be improved. After repeated firings the primer pocket will again become shallower, requiring the uniforming tool to be used to square the pocket again.


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