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Volume 4, Issue 4

Tuning With Primers
by Paul Box

We're often asked if primers will make any difference in loads, and in truth they not only can in pressure but also in accuracy.

Each brand of primer has a different priming mixture which will result in both a different temperature as well as duration of the flame. This can have an impact on the burning of the powder due to the different coatings used by the powder manufacturers. Simply by switching to another brand of primer, the very best in a rifles accuracy level might be found.

If the reloader is already at a max load, it's always better to reduce the load by 1.5 grains first when switching to another primer, then start increasing the load again. Primers can be a great fine-tuning accuracy tool.
  Sensitive to Recoil??
by Robert Treece

Do you have a new hunting partner who is sensitive to recoil? Handloading may help. Consider using a lighter bullet of proper construction or simply use a lighter powder charge with the heavier bullet (remaining within the suggested limits). One of these choices should help reduce recoil, therefore curtailing the "flinch" and increasing accuracy potential. So, whether this helps someone with a big magnum, a youngster, a light framed person, or even yourself, if it makes for a successful and humane hunt your goal is accomplished.
Duplicating Factory Load
By Robert Treece

Sometimes we luck out and find a factory load that shoots real well in our firearms and the next thought is "I wonder what's in there, maybe I can make this myself." Whoa!! You can't make that load. Maybe something close, but not exactly the same. The reason; the powders being used by ammo manufacturers are often classified as "non-canister grade" powders and may not be the same as what you, the reloader, and Sierra use as referenced in reloading manuals. Reloading manuals do give recommendations that work well in many firearms. Stay within the suggested increments and enjoy safe shooting.
  1998 New Product Announcements

.25 Caliber 100 grain HPBT MatchKing Sierra has responded to the demands of loyal .25 caliber shooters with the introduction of our 100 grain HPBT MatchKing. This new bullet, stock number 1628 has it's roots in our .30 caliber 168 grain HPBT MatchKing, known around the world for it's unmatched accuracy. Designed with a length to allow magazine feeding, this bullet will prove to be a superb target bullet. No matter what your game, Sierra's newest MatchKing is up to the task.
Sierra's 4th Edition Rifle & Handgun Manuals on CD-Rom

All of the articles, photographs, loading data, charts, graphs and tables from Sierra's renowned Rifle and Handgun Reloading Manuals are now available for your PC. The computer version also includes audio and video clips and direct Internet access (local service required). Minimum system requirements include Microsoft Windows® 95, a 486(DX) or higher microprocessor, 8mb of RAM, a CD-Rom Drive (2x), audio board, 256-color or better display (640 x 480 VGA), headphones or speakers, mouse or compatible pointing device. Recommended access to the Internet to use Web links; Hayes compatible modem 28800 bps or higher. Also included in this program is the Burris Varminter shooting game.
This program is available from Sierra for $39.95 and is scheduled for release in Late-December.

1997 Competitve Results

Below is a listing of major match winners in 1997 using Sierra Bullets. If you win a major match in 1998 using Sierra Bullets, and would like to be included in next years' listing, send your information to Adam Braverman.

National High Power Rifle Championship, Camp Perry, Ohio
National Hi Power Rifle Champion
National Trophy Individual Match
Scott Trophy Match
Coast Artillery Match
Vandenberg Trophy Match
Army Cup Match
Appreciation Cup Match
Marine Corp Trophy Match
Air Force Cup Match
Centenary Cup Match
Palma Individual Trophy Match
Calvary Cup Match
Clarke Trophy Match
Nevada Trophy Match
Wimbledon Cup Match
Tompkins Trophy Match
Leech Cup Match
Canadian Cup Match
Crowell Cup Match
Andrus Trophy Match
G. David Tubb
SSG Kevin B. McMahon
Paul R. Case
G. David Tubb
G. David Tubb
Raymond Gross
SGT Lewis A. Tippie
Alan M. Dapp
Johnie Franklin
Johnie Franklin
Thomas Whitaker
Thomas Whitaker
Thomas Whitaker
Thomas Whitaker
Michelle Gallagher
Nancy Tompkins-Gallagher
Nancy Tompkins-Gallagher
Nancy Tompkins-Gallagher
Nancy Tompkins-Gallagher
Robert J. Gamboa

NRA National Silhouette Championship
1st Place Standard Rifle
1st Place Hunter Rifle
Antiono Lopez
Tony Tello
9 of the top 10 competitors at the NRA High Power Rifle Silhouette Championships and 8 of the top 10 in the NRA High Power Hunting Rifle Championships held in Raton, NM, were using Sierra Bullets.

The Masters Handgun Championship
1st Place Action Event
2nd Place Long Range
6th Overall
Doug Koenig
Bruce Piatt
Bruce Piatt

Chevy Truck Sportsman's Team Challenge, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
National Champions
Junior Champions
Doug Koenig, David Tubb, J. Michael Plaxco
Hunter Pilant, Eric Bowling, Cory Galloway

Bianchi Cup
1st Place Bruce Piatt

USPSA Area 5
1st Limited Brian Enos

Smith & Wesson Invitational
3-gun Aggregate Winner
3rd Place Rifle Event
6th Place Handgun Even
Bruce Piatt
Bruce Piatt
Bruce Piatt

NRA Action Region 1
1st Place Bruce Piatt

AWARE Invitational
3rd Place Bruce Piatt

American Handgunner World Shootoff
1st Law Enforcement Duty Gear
2nd Overall
Bruce Piatt
Bruce Piatt

N.J. IPSC Championship
1st Place Bruce Piatt

N.J. State Action Pistol Championship
1st Place Bruce Piatt

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