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Volume 4, Issue 1

Post Season Clean Up
by Richard Machholz

The season's over, hunting coats and boots are stashed away. What about your rifle? It needs some attention. At least a good wipe down with gun oil or better yet, a quality rust inhibitor. The bore needs at least a coat of oil and don't forget the chamber. Best of all, a thorough bore scrubbing, including the chamber and the action.

Be sure to include proper application of grease to the lugs, sears, and pivots. Separate the action and stock. Coat the action and barrel lightly with rust inhibitor and wax the inside of the stock with a quality paste wax to seal the wood. Clean the scope lens' and cover. Reassemble and if you are not going to shoot year round, you're ready to set it back until better weather. Remember to remove the oil in the barrel and chamber prior to shooting.

Tours of Sierra Bullets
by Richard Machholz

Since our move from California to Missouri, many people have toured our new plant. We welcome visitors and advance reservations are not required. Because there are no regularly scheduled tours, there may be a short wait for your guides (who happen to also be the Ballistic Technicians). Hours are 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. Large groups will require some notice, but for families or individuals, come on in and we'll make the delay as short as possible. The tour will take about 45 minutes and makes a great way to break up a trip.
Nonresident Hunting: Hunter Education, the Other Requirement
by Michael Woolum, Certified Hunter Education Instructor
With the hunting season winding down, I'm sure that most of you aren't concerned with where you will be hunting next year. On the other hand you may be planning a trip to meet your best friend for the 'hunt of a life time', if you are, there are a few items that will require your immediate attention. Permit Applications, Hunter Safety Certificate, Travel Restrictions, etc.

As a Hunter Education Instructor with more than 25 years experience, the number one problem that I receive calls for is, I'm going to such and such place, how do I get a Hunter Safety Certificate? For the first time out of state or country hunter, there is an increasing requirement by States for nonresident hunters to have proof of having completed a hunter education course in order to purchase nonresident permits.

Currently all 50 states and provinces of Canada have a requirement for some form of Hunter Education (Hunter Safety) class, with varying requirements as they pertain to nonresidents. In many cases, applications for nonresident tags and permits must be submitted early in the spring for fall hunts. Therefore, the need to have a Hunter Education Certificate must be addressed as soon as the need is identified.

Hunter Education Classes are taught mainly by volunteer instructors with a limited number of classes available. To obtain information, contact the Department of Fish & Wildlife in both your home state and your hunting destination. Be sure to ask for any information that might affect your special needs, such as, disabled person, age, wilderness restrictions, etc., also be sure to confirm whether or not the destination department accepts certificates from your state. Most states and provinces have a reciprocal agreement, provided the course meets a minimum hours content.
1996 Competitive Results

Below is a listing of major match winners in 1996 using Sierra Bullets.
If you win a major match in 1997 and would like to be included in next years' listing,
send your information to Sierra Bullets, in care of Adam Braverman.
IMSSU Shooting Union, South Africa
1st place Standard Rifle Ray Schnarre #1930 - 7mm, 168 gr HPBT
2nd place Hunter Rifle Ray Schnarre #1930 - 7mm, 168 gr HPBT
1st place Aggregate Ray Schnarre #1930 - 7mm, 168 gr HPBT
1000 Yard IBS Championship, Hawks Ridge, North Carolina
World Record Heavy Gun Alice Moody #2240 - .30 caliber, 220 gr HPBT
World Record Light Gun Bill Shehane #1570 - 6mm, 107 gr HPBT
National High Power Rifle Championship, Camp Perry, Ohio
1st Place Overall Thomas J. Whitaker #2200 - .30 caliber, 168 gr HPBT
      #2210 - .30 caliber, 190 gr HPBT
2nd Place Overall G. David Tubb #1715 - 6.5 mm, 107 gr HPBT
      #1742 - 6.5 mm, 142 gr HPBT
3rd Place Overall Bert Medina #1380 - .22 caliber, 69 gr HPBT
      #9390 - .22 caliber, 80 gr HPBT
1st Place Long Range Thomas Whitaker #2155 - .30 caliber, 155 gr HPBT
2nd Place Long Range Mitchell Maxberry #1930 - 7mm, 168 gr HPBT
NRA National Silhouette Championship
1st Place Long Range Pistol Marvin Tannahill #1915 - 7mm 150 gr HPBT
3rd Place Hunter's Pistol Marvin Tannahill #2110 - .30 caliber, 110 gr HP
1st Place Standard Rifle Marco Barriga #1930 - 7mm 168 gr HPBT
9 of the top 10 competitors at the NRA High Power Rifle Silhouette Championships and 8 of the top 10 in the NRA High Power Hunting Rifle Championships held in Raton, NM, were using Sierra Bullets.
IHMSA/NRA California Championship
1st Place Unlimited/Any Sight Chris Nyberg #2200 - .30 caliber, 168 gr HPBT
Los Angeles Silhouette Club 20th Anniversary Match
1st Place Unlimited Jim Harris #1913 - 7mm, 150 gr HPBT
      #1930 - 7mm, 168 gr HPBT
The Masters Handgun Championship
1st Place Long Range Doug Koenig #1715 - 6.5mm, 107 gr HPBT
2nd Place Long Range Bruce Piatt #1903 - 7mm, 130 gr HPBT
1st Place Action Event Doug Koenig #8110 - 9mm, 115 gr JHP

Law Enforcement Master: Bruce Piatt
Overall Champion: Doug Koenig
Runner Up: Bruce Piatt

Chevy Truck Sportsman's Team Challenge, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
National Champions: Doug Koenig, David Tubb, Brian Enos

USPSA Golden Gate Classic
1st Place Limited Class Brian Enos #8480 - 10mm, 190 gr FPJ
USPSA Desert Classic
1st Place Limited Class Brian Enos #8480 - 10mm, 190 gr FPJ
USPSA Region 2, 3, 4, and 5
1st Place Limited Class Brian Enos #8480 - 10mm, 190 gr FPJ
Ballistic Coefficients for New Bullets
Stock # Description Type of Bullet Sectional

1715 6.5mm 107 grain HPBT MatchKing 0.219 .421est
1742 6.5mm 142 grain HPBT MatchKing 0.291 .559est
1903 7mm 130 grain HPBT MatchKing 0.230 .373est
8125 9mm 125 grain JHP SportsMaster 0.142 .124@>1200 fps
.168 @ <900 fps
8805 .45 caliber 230 grain JHP SportsMaster 0.161 .145@>1300 fps
900-1299 fps
.141@<900 fps

New Utah State Record Desert Bighorn
Douglas Marks used a Sierra .30 caliber 165 grain SBT GameKing out of his .300 Weatherby to set the new Utah state record during the recently completed season. His new record Desert Bighorn scored 168 3/4 points.

First Hunt
Matthew T. Newman proudly submitted this photo of his wife Maureen with her first Whitetail buck. Maureen used our 6mm 100 grain SBT GameKing when she made this one shot kill on this 11 point Texas Whitetail at 60 yards. Her first words after the deer dropped were 'I love these bullets.'

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