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Sig Sauer® V-Crown Bullets

October 10, 2015

Sierra Bullets® has partnered with SIG Sauer® to bring you the ultimate defense
bullet line delivering optimal weight retention and expansion at all effective distances
combined with Sierra’s world renowned accuracy. The line features a stacked hollow
point bullet design with additional hollow point cavity. For the #9924, #9925, #9465
and #9820 a cannelure halfway up the shank locks the jacket to the core ensuring
maximum weight retention and terminal expansion.

The Sig Sauer® V-Crown™ bullets will be available in boxes of 100 bullets with a
suggested retail as follows: #9990 - $24.46, #9924 - $26.04, #9925 - $26.42, #9465 -$32.75, and #9820 - $34.80.

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