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Sierra Bullet's manual contains the confirmed data for rifle and handgun cartridges in one volume. Bullets, cartridges, and powders are included in the traditional Sierra format that reloaders have always liked. There is a section dealing with the reloading process, tools equipment and firearms cleaning. Ballistic experts Ted Almgren and Dr. Bill McDonald have built the exterior ballistic section into one of the most comprehensive texts available. A unique question and answer section (from Sierra's technical support line) is included as a complete chapter.
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Reloading Manuals

Sierra 5th Edition Rifle & Handgun Reloading Manual

This 1,152 page manual retains the popular three-ring binder format and contains cartridge information, histories, and reloading recommendations, a necessity in every reloader's library.

The sections include: a complete glossary of ballistic, reloading and firearms terminology, an updated sec...

Infinity Suite Version 7 Exterior Ballistic Software and 5th Edition Reloading Manual (CD/digital combination)

Sierra's INFINITY Exterior Ballistic Computer Software version 7 provides multiple trajectory charts and graphics, point blank range, calculate zero, uphill/downhill shooting, maximum range, minute of angle, profiled wind, improved atmospherics, revised print formats trajectory in mils and more. Eas...
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