Handgun Bullets

Sierra Bullets Sports MasterSierra Bullets Tournament MasterFor years shooters have associated accuracy and superior ballistic performance with one name more than any other--Sierra. On the range or in the field, Sierra bullets offer that extra margin of performance that shooters can depend on.
Today Sierra offers over 160 different rifle and handgun bullets to satisfy nearly any need. No wonder shooters around the world prefer Sierra.
Having trouble deciding which bullet is right for you? 
Please choose your Sierra Handgun Bullet below:
Showing V-Crown Bullets
Bullet Name Brand Stock Number Type
.355 dia. (9mm)  90 gr. JHP .355 dia. (9mm) 90 gr. JHP V-Crown 9990 Handgun Order
.355 dia. (9mm) 124 gr. JHP .355 dia. (9mm) 124 gr. JHP V-Crown 9924 Handgun Order
.355 dia. (9mm) 125 gr. JHP .355 dia. (9mm) 125 gr. JHP V-Crown 9925 Handgun Order
.400 dia. (10mm) 165 gr. JHP .400 dia. (10mm) 165 gr. JHP V-Crown 9465 Handgun Order
.4515 dia. (45 cal) 200 gr. JHP .4515 dia. (45 cal) 200 gr. JHP V-Crown 9820 Handgun Order
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