30-06 Springfield ~ 165 Grain ~ TGK ~ B.C. .517

30-06 Springfield ~ 165 Grain ~ TGK ~ B.C. .517

The 30-06 Springfield is one of the all-time classic cartridges. Adopted as the standard U.S. military cartridge in 1906, the 30-06 served through both world wars, Korea, and several smaller conflicts around the globe. In addition to its military duties, the 30-06 was also an instant success in the hunting fields, and has been a mainstay for hunters since. Topped off with the new GameChangerTM heavy hunting bullet, with its thicker copper jacket and match accuracy, new life has been given to the time-proven 30-06 as a consistent choice in the field.

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Weight (grains)

165 Gr.

Box Count

20 Ammunition Bullets


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