270 Winchester ~ 140 Grain ~ TGK ~ B.C. .508
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270 Winchester ~ 140 Grain ~ TGK ~ B.C. .508


Our GameChanger ammunition is the result of more than 70 years of designing world-class bullets. Each GameChanger round utilizes a Sierra Tipped GameKing bullet with an extremely accurate boat tail profile and a polymer tip seated in a hollow point design for fast expansion upon impact. A lead core encased in a thick, tough copper jacket delivers outstanding penetration and controlled expansion at any range.

The 270 Winchester just got a little better. Sierra’s GameChanger ammunition breathes new life into this fine old cartridge. The 140 grain Tipped GameKing with a G1 BC of .508, traveling at 2960 FPS when it leaves your barrel. This GameChanger is bad medicine on deer, elk and bear. If you want pin-point accuracy and serious expansion combined with deep penetration, pick up a box of .270 Winchester GameChanger ammunition. You’ll be glad you did.

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Box Count

20 Ammunition Bullets

Weight (grains)

140 Gr.


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