270 Winchester ~ 140 Grain ~ TGK ~ B.C. .508

270 Winchester ~ 140 Grain ~ TGK ~ B.C. .508

In any list of the all-time favorite American hunting cartridges, the 270 Winchester is always a strong contender. The 270 has been chambered in almost every action type by every major arms maker worldwide since its introduction in 1925. Despite its age and competition from several newer cartridges, the 270 is very much alive and is still the quintessential cartridge for mule deer, sheep and other “western” big game species. The 270 earned its reputation with the 140 grain bullet, and this is still the best choice for most big game hunting situations. Sierra® offers this cartridge featuring the 140-grain GameChangerTM bullet… true, “one-gun” choice for anything from prairie dogs to elk.

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Box Count

20 Ammunition Bullets

Weight (grains)

140 Gr.


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