Closing Out 2020

Closing Out 2020
December 18, 2020 Duane Siercks

Closing Out 2020

By Duane Siercks

Here we are. 2020 has been quite a ride. Too many strange things have happened to us all this year. No doomsday predictions or forecasts, but this does cause us to look at values and life a bit differently.

One thing the shooting world is experiencing is the shortage of ammo and primers. Most other components are in tight supply as well. We do not have a good answer as to when or where the components will be available. Sierra is running as much product as possible at this time. There have been no shut-downs or interruptions to production. We want to provide as much supply as possible to our customers. We do appreciate your business. We do ask that you be patient as we all work through the trials that 2020 has given to us all.

Just a little teaser, but be prepared to see our New Product items that we will be announcing very soon. No, I cannot tell you yet, but very soon. Lots of interesting products on the horizons. Some of these items have been highly sought after.

Wishing each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe, stay well, and your sights lined up on the target. If you need help with any loading questions, call us at 1-800-223-8799, or e-mail us at [email protected].

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  1. Jim 3 years ago

    So what exactly is “running as much product as possible ” ?
    10 % capacity 80% ?
    You’d think a manufacturer would be manufacturing

  2. Marty 3 years ago

    So disappointed to find out Sierra is following the same business model as several other bullet companies, i.e., discontinuing bullets that you have made for many years, and sportsmen have worked up accurate loads for in multiple rifles. I personally have relied on your 25 cal 100gr flat base for many years and have wonderful loads for 9 different rifles already worked up, and proven on game and targets, and now you just decide you’re going to quit making them. I’ll bet there are lots of others like me across America. I can also predict your response to me, if you do respond, and that will be to try the new bullets you’ve developed! So great timing Sierra, when primers, bullets, powder are in short supply, you expect me to get your new bullet and test loads for 9 different rifles?? Thanks a bunch and good luck with your new business strategy.

  3. Anthony Miano 3 years ago

    It’s hard to believe that no Sierra bullets are available. I was lucky have a tour of the factory back when you still did that.
    Keep up the good work and please send bullets.

  4. Mike 2 years ago

    Sierra Bullets has been my preferred brand of bullets for the last 30+ years. However that is in serious jeopardy now. While your competitors are on the road to recovery; Sierra seems to be stagnant. Your products cannot be found anywhere. You stated “Sierra is running as much product as possible at this time.” Many of us loyal customers find this hard to believe because we can’t find any of you products anywhere.

  5. Marty Pyke 2 years ago

    I have box of Sierra game changer .277, 150gr, for a rifle with twist rate of 1 in 8″. If find a good load with this bullet, will I be able purchase more of those bullets in the future?

  6. Bob 1 year ago

    Are Sierra 6mm 85 HPBT still being made also 6.5 mm 130 TMK
    Have not been able to get any for 2-1/2 years

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