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The Sierra Bullet tech team features some of the industries most knowlegable shooters, hunters, reloaders. Answers to your hunting, shooting, bullet, and reloading questions are just an email away at or phone call away through the Sierra Bullets Toll-Free Tech line at 800-223-8799, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (central standard time).
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Sierra Bullets Paul Box

Paul Box, Ballistic Technician
Joined the Sierra Team: June 1994
Areas of expertise: varmint shooting and all kinds of long range bench rest
Sierra Bullets Duane Siercks

Duane Siercks, Ballistic Technician

Joined the Sierra Team: January 1999
Areas of expertise: centerfire rifles and handloading
Sierra Bullets Rich Machholz

Rich Machholz, Ballistic Technician
Joined the Sierra Team: March 1992
Areas of expertise: centerfire rifles, reloading, load development and data accumulation for centerfire rifles, and long range benchrest competition
Sierra Bullets Gary Prisendorf

Gary Prisendorf, ballistic technician
Joined the Sierra Team: 2011
Sierra Bullets Philip Mahin

Philip Mahin, Ballistic Technician
Joined the Sierra Team: October 2009
Areas of expertise: hunting and handloading
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