2022 Missouri 3-Gun Championship

2022 Missouri 3-Gun Championship
August 4, 2022 Sierra Bullets

2022 Missouri 3-Gun Championship

By Andrew Sparks

This has been my 6th time competing at the Missouri 3-Gun Championship, and I finished 2nd Place in the 2×4 and 9th Place Overall. The match is held at Lead Farm Range in Versailles, MO. It has been a long 6 years of work and dedication to be able to perform at this match. It has always proven to be challenging and fun each year. This year, I had the honor of being able to design and build the stage with the longest shots (600yds) in the match.

The Match Director (Matt Loganbill) designed and built a different match this year over the years past. He had a lower round count to ease the higher expense in these times, but proved to be a devious designer and challenge everyone on each stage.

Overall this match was fun and exciting with everything from cooper tunnel, to escaping a jail, to navigating a cowboy town, and he even found time for us to take a couple strolls in the woods.

Every year I look forward to this match and the evolution of it. The next few years to come will definitely keep me full of curiosity and excitement.


Rifle – Custom Built AR-15, with Starline Brass, CCI primers, Hodgdon BenchMark powder and Sierra 22 cal 69gr MatchKing bullets
Pistol: Custom Built RIA Tac Ultra, Lucid Optics Lil_Mo Red Dot, Starline 9mm brass, CCI primers, Hodgdon HS-6 powder and Sierra 9mm 90gr Sport Master bullets
Shotgun: RIA VR80 Custom From Tooth&Nail Armory, Lucid Optics M7 Red Dot, Federal target load ammo
PCC: Custom Built AR-9, dual Lucid Optics Lil_Mo’s, Starline 9mm brass, CCI primers, Hodgdon Titegroup powder and Sierra 9mm 125gr Tournament Master bullets

The Pistol ammo loaded with 90gr Sierra sportmasters always hits the steel solid where you want it.

What can I say about my rifle ammunition that the world doesn’t already know… If you want repeatable accuracy and performance, then you will always choose the best, and that just happens to be the 69gr Sierra MatchKing. Even out to 600yds they stay on target, even on those gusty days when you aren’t able to make a wind call.

As far as my PCC, the 125gr Tournament masters from Sierra function flawlessly. No matter if I’m running a 17rnd mag or a 50rnd drum, I know I can rely on them to feed in this often troublesome platform.

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