Sierra Scrapbook


+ Kenneth Porter's National Record
+ David Scott's 5 Shot Group
+ 220 Gr MatchKing® Load Development
+ 3-Shot Group at 100 yards

+ PA Gunsmith Shoots Best Group of His Life
+ Record Tied
+ Best Group of His Life
+ Tight Group with Tipped MatchKing Bullets

+ Ryan Steacy Wins Second National Championship
+ Dave Phillips' Best Shot
+ Harry Alder Shooting the IHMSA Championships
+ 3 Shot Group By Larry Michels

+ Nice Target by Frank Wasco
+ Five Shots and A Dime
+ Jim Adams Is Right on Target
+ State of Kansas Highpower Team

+ Freedom's Fire National Match
+ The McGovern family
+ Mill Creek Rifle Club Junior Highpower Team
+ Mitch Feingersch Test Group

+ Jon P. Terhune Sets Grand Senior Records
+ The Sierra Squad
+ Wilda Wins in Berlin
+ Jayminson Excels at Benchrest

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